Analysts Assess Infor Innovation Summit

United States – April 19, 2018, 09:30 AM

Analysts are weighing in with their thoughts on the Infor Innovation Summit, held at Infor HQ in New York City.

Here’s a sampling:

Infor Innovation Summit lives up to its name, validates digital transformation is a necessity [MondayMusings]
LNS Research
Analyst: Dan Miklovic
Posted March 2018

Infor, an enterprise software company, brought together the analyst community at its New York headquarters for another Innovation Summit to share updates on progress and plans for its product set. The Infor senior leadership team, backed by several customers, walked analysts through the entire product portfolio. Often perceived as "the other ERP company," in the shadow of SAP and Oracle, Infor deserves more credit for innovation and adoption of future trends and technology.

Lawson thrives as Infor
Human Resource Executive
Analyst: Bill Kutik
Posted March 2018

While Infor strives to become "the third ERP vendor" after Oracle and SAP SuccessFactors, it is using Lawson in all the ways CEO Charles Phillips might have imagined.

Infor Innovation Summit 2018: I totally get it and yet, I don't see it
Analyst: Paul Greenberg
Posted April 2018

Infor is a company on the fast track, though you wouldn't know that. It is among the most design-focused, progressive companies in the technology world, and it has an offering that can go to head-to-head with anyone's out there. Yet, it is a best-kept secret. I'm now going to show and tell. Read on -- Infor is now in the sunlight.

Infor’s wonderful journey continues
EKN Research
Analyst: Sahir Anand
Posted April 2018

I attended Infor’s 2018 Innovation Summit last week and conversations with a few Infor customers ensued. It is my humble observation as an industry analyst that while there are many paths to greatness in software, in three years Infor has achieved quite a bit and is on the right path. Evidently, Infor’s team has a sense of stewardship and belief in the overall approach and from an outsider’s perspective there is an apparent culture of transparency. This exudes clear signs that in its refined journey this company has finally passed a stringent ‘start-up stress test’ in terms of reforming and enabling enterprise software from the lens of a bottoms-up start-up-like approach.

Infor lays out latest for the enterprise
Nucleus Research
Analyst: Brent Skinner
Posted March 2018

By summer 2018, Infor will have moved the last components of its enterprise-wide suite to a multitenant cloud. In parallel, the vendor is making strides in deploying an increasing number of streamlined cloud suites tailored for several industry verticals. Against this backdrop, Infor is now bringing greater use of its acquisition, in 2016, of Birst to bear in providing business intelligence (BI) that gives users predictive and prescriptive analytics across the entire enterprise.

Infor: Building innovation from the inside out
Mint Jutras
Analyst: Cindy Jutras
Posted April 2018

For a company of its size, Infor has been exceptionally quiet over the past several years. In the software industry, staying quiet often means there is little or no new innovation to share. In the case of Infor, this could not be farther from the truth.

Infor is led by a group of executives with both the vision and the expertise to understand the true potential of advanced digital technologies today. Oftentimes before you can ever hope to take full advantage of this advanced technology you must lay a strong foundation, and this might go largely unnoticed as it is being developed behind the scenes. But Infor’s executives were not afraid to dig in and lay that foundation.

Infor is now starting to reap the rewards of these efforts. It is time to share them with the world, not quietly, but loudly and proudly.

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