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Are federal Agencies Becoming More Comfortable with Cloud Computing?

United States – March 13, 2015, 13:30 PM

Why do companies decide to move to the cloud? According to Infor SVP, CloudSuite, Lisa Pope: "A lot of customers have put off upgrades and now they're realizing they're on an old version, there's risk in that. They may not have all the compliance they need."

In Diginomica's Feb 9 article, Lisa notes that public sector customers have been among some of Infor's earliest adopters. "We've had very good success with US cities and counties. Which again, you would think they're going to be laggards, they may not rush to new technology. But they're competing to get technical people and systems admin people with other [employers] in that city. So they've really struggled with resources."[i]

This is in line with a recent article, "Government Cloud Looks a Lot Like Private Sector Cloud," on The Wall Street Journal's CIO Journal. "For some government agencies, the cloud savings translate to less data center real estate and the elimination of extra computer systems that serve as back-stops in the event of a disaster. The Broadcasting Board of Governors reduced its number of data centers to 3 from 11 by replacing computer systems with cloud services for email, customer management, and streaming video. Eliminating redundant computer systems helped trim costs.

Business cases for government agencies switching to cloud software mirror those of private-sector companies pressured to provide more IT services faster, albeit with fewer staff and less cash. Government CIOs also face the same challenges in governing cloud as their private-sector peers. This includes properly managing resource consumption…as well as negotiating agreements that specify service quality."[ii]

Infor Federal is at the forefront assisting this truly unique market with a complete range of deployment options, including cloud, on-premise, and hybrid configurations while providing rapid implementations to get federal agencies up and running quickly. Infor CloudSuite™ lets federal agencies reduce IT upgrade and maintenance costs, easily manage budgets, payroll and assets, and deliver better citizen services-all in a cost-effective cloud environment that delivers unmatched efficiency, reliability, security, and compliance.

If your federal agency is interested in learning more about the benefits of moving to the cloud, join Infor in Washington, D.C., March 24, for our Federal Summit.

The featured speaker lineup includes Infor CEO Charles Phillips, AWS Government Vice President Teresa Carlton, and former White House CIO Theresa Payton discussing security, infrastructure, and trends.

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[i] Phil Wainewright, "Infor CloudSuite chief: cloud makes us write better software," Diginomica ( ), February 9, 2015.

[ii] Clint Boulton, "Government Cloud Looks a Lot Like Private Sector Cloud," The Wall Street Journal, CIO Journal (, March 3, 2015.

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