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'Are Modified ERPs Holding Aerospace & Defense Cos. Back?'

United States – July 21, 2015, 11:30 AM

"The aerospace and defense (A&D) industry is known for breakthrough technology advances in aviation, space exploration, and weaponry. However, the same pioneering attitude doesn't always show up in their internal IT departments. The companies that manufacture, supply, and service some of the most remarkable high-tech equipment in the world often run their own internal processes on outdated ERP systems that have been heavily modified," writes Infor's Edward Talerico in diginomica.

In a July article, "Are Modified ERPs Holding Aerospace & Defense Companies Back?," Infor's industry director for aerospace and defense and high-tech notes, "For many of these companies, the quickest way out of the modified ERP system quagmire is to head to the cloud. Cloud-based ERP systems can help A&D companies meet changing customer expectations, increasingly stringent compliance mandates, and their need to control costs and complexity to remain competitive, despite increasing market pressures."

"Cloud deployed ERP systems are designed to remain adaptable to change and are operated by the provider in a way that allows them to be continuously enhanced with the latest innovations. When built for a specific industry such as aerospace & defense, they already include many of the specialized capabilities that the industry requires, while allowing for extensive configuration of those capabilities to meet specific business requirements. In this way, they take the benefits of modified ERP systems and enhance them."

Read the full article on diginomica.

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