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Brooklyn Nets and Infor Team Up for Student Tech Day

United States – April 04, 2018, 10:00 AM

Talking tech careers is exciting, sure. But when you do it with Nets basketball players Jarrett Allen, Caris Levert, and Joe Harris, you really get students' attention.

That was the plan, and that was the result of Infor Tech Day recently at the Brooklyn Nets HSS Training Center. The Nets teamed up with their jersey sponsor Infor to host close to 100 high school and college students from around New York City to observe all the ways technology touches their lives-and could also shape their careers.

The students started with a keynote on user experience and its importance in technology, then made their way to a selection of tech demos where they met up with the Nets' Allen, Levert, and Harris. Along with talking to and taking pictures with the players, the students learned about virtual reality, coding, opportunities at local colleges, and how much the Nets organization relies on Infor technology-like data science to analyze and improve their performance, and customer relationship management software to improve the fan experience.

During a career panel discussion, Infor employees from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds talked about their work experiences and how they got into the tech industry. As some attested, you don't have to be a techie to work in tech. They offered a wealth of career advice, and provided a nice bookend to the event.

"I was excited to host students at the Nets training center to offer a tech experience in a fun environment. Tech Day focus was to build awareness, inspire, and encourage students to explore technology opportunities," said Rosalind Murphy, Infor senior global enablement manager. "We hope to spark an interest in young people from diverse communities and encourage them to be creators of technology."

Students left with logoed backpacks, water bottles, and perhaps some new insights into choosing tech as a career.

Learn about the Infor Education Alliance Program and other education and internship initiatives.

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