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CEO Charles Phillips Touts Cloud Future at CIO Exchange

United States – November 06, 2018, 10:00 AM

Cloud computing will continue to be the primary disruptor in enterprise technology for years to come, and CEO Charles Phillips says Infor will be at the forefront of that change.

Phillips spoke at the 2nd-annual CIO Exchange, sponsored by Bloomberg at the Nasdaq Marketsite in New York City last week. He discussed cloud strategy on a panel with Databricks co-founder & CEO Ali Ghodsi, and Mesophere co-founder & CTO Tobias Knaup, and moderated by Bloomberg's Alex Barinka.

“We have to be open to integrate to any cloud, and also do the same thing for data, so that you get the best of both worlds,” Phillips said.

Businesses are looking for correlations across various domains of data, he said, and so Infor developed the Data Lake: “If you’re having a manufacturing problem or a quality problem, is that because it’s related to an HR issue, did you have turnover there, or was it a supplier? All of these things are related in a CEO’s mind, but you couldn’t get to those correlations on your own. But now, for the first time, all of that data is in one place. That’s what customers are asking for.”

What’s the next thing customers are looking for, even if they may not know it yet? “You need data from outside of the organization. You can’t improve efficiency or productivity if you don’t include your network of trading partners.”

View the full discussion on Bloomberg Live.

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