Cloud Momentum Sparks Sales Hiring Surge at Infor

Canada – September 24, 2018, 14:45 PM

Unparalleled opportunities to make money and grow your career. That’s the elevator recruiting pitch of Rod Johnson, Infor EVP of Sales in North America.

A fresh wave of cloud sales momentum at Infor is prompting a hiring surge to fill the ranks with high-caliber sales professionals to capitalize on emerging market opportunities.

“I came to Infor because I think it’s a special opportunity right now,” Johnson says. “Others who come here will have a lot more opportunity to expand their careers. Infor is in a fabulous spot to win new customers as the market universally shifts to SaaS or cloud.”

“We have a unique position in the market,” agrees Stewart Applbaum, Infor EVP and general manager of Sales, “having the broadest set of next-generation cloud offerings combined with the background and scale of a mature business. This lets our teams present the latest solutions with the confidence that Infor can execute and deliver.”

In this brief Q&A, Johnson and Applbaum detail how Infor is winning, and why sales professionals should want to work there:

Infor Sales is experiencing great momentum now. What is causing that?

The transition to the cloud is accelerating. The first wave was a lot of customer management functions, and then the HR, and the finance functions. Now literally every company is looking at their core industry operational functionality and how they can modernize that in the cloud.

So Infor is perfectly positioned for this fourth wave of SaaS adoption. Our focus on industry micro-verticals, the investments we’ve made in modernizing the user experience and the technology stack, and our alliance with Amazon Web Services—all come together to put us in a very privileged, differentiated position in the market.

Our sales results are proof of that. There is real acceleration in adoption of our SaaS services. As a result, we have lots of revenue opportunity, lots of sales opportunities for our teams.

How does Infor’s approach to sales differ from the competition?

Some of our competitors are lagging in transitioning industry functionality to the cloud. When we look at competitive evaluations going on in the market—when we’re up against SAP, Oracle, or Microsoft—when customers are really doing their due diligence, they see the innovation we are delivering, the functionality we offer in our CloudSuites, and they are choosing Infor. We’re winning more than 50% of the time.

We’re seeing a lot more install-base customers asking how they can transition their systems to the cloud. But we’re also getting a lot of new customers coming to Infor, and quickly we are becoming a real alternative to SAP and Oracle. Many incumbent customers with those companies talk about their lack of value, lack of innovation, complexity with those platforms, and are looking at Infor as an interesting alternative, one that is easier to do business with, has products that are a better fit for their industry, and a culture that moves a lot faster and is more flexible to their needs.

How many new employees are you adding? For what roles?

Over the next 18 months, we will expand our teams significantly to cover the emerging market opportunities in a few areas. We will certainly add more account execs. We’re looking for proven, experienced ERP sales specialists, who have been there, done that market. We’ll give them a fresh start with probably a bigger territory, and be part of a really exciting place to work.

We’re also expanding our sales consulting teams—the lifeblood of our sales organization—the people who can bring to life the power of our software in a customer’s environment. We’re looking for the best and brightest there.

We’re also looking to beef up our supply chain organizations. We have a best-in-class portfolio of supply chain product, including GT Nexus and our supply chain planning and execution capabilities. We see a huge growth opportunity in companies moving their legacy supply chain processes and applications to the cloud, so that is another area of big investment for us.

What types of person and skills are you looking for?

The way Infor differentiates itself is partly by having good products and good SaaS services, but our real strategy is to hire people with real expertise to work with our customers. They really understand supply chains; they really understand the drivers in distribution that create value; they understand the competitive threats and opportunities. Those are the people who add value to our customers, and bring to life what we build in our software, the advanced industry capabilities.

Across the board, we want people who are proven sales professionals, who know how to manage a territory, manage a forecast. But those are just table stakes.

On top of that, we want people who combine that sales expertise with real domain knowledge because our customers want to spend time with people who know their business and understand the solution and can demonstrate how that will create value for them.

When we find people with a passion for their functional domain or industry, we invest a lot in them to make sure they have the latest knowledge and training to sharpen their skills and make them more effective.

What is the Infor Sales culture like?

We are a customer-first company, with a culture and work environment that is the envy of the industry.

  1. We have a much faster-paced environment than our competitors. The time it takes to get stuff done is orders-of-magnitude faster at Infor. So it’s easier for our sales professionals to manage their business and get deals done, to be empowered. That’s a big differentiator.
  2. Our sales structure is much less complex. Our account execs really own the accounts, and they really own the product portfolio they drive into those accounts. We don’t have competing sales teams out to beat each other.
  3. For people who come here and make a difference, there’s lots more potential for upward mobility. We need more managers, and people to help us expand into new industries.

This is a great time to be at Infor.

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