Best Work Ever at This Year’s Habitat Build

United States – December 23, 2016, 09:00 AM

Everything was better this year at the Habitat for Humanity build in Coatesville, Pennsylvania. And Infor's volunteer team from the Malvern office has plenty of years to compare it to.

"We have been doing Habitat off and on since about 2002," said Steve Adelsberger, Infor HCM principal software engineer, providing "a little Malvern history."

"The Malvern office used to organize our own builds, which was very informal. But since Infor launched its CSR partnership with Habitat a few years ago, it's been an entirely different and more rewarding experience - even the lunches are better!" Adelsberger said. "And we had better work this time. One year, we moved large rocks and smoothed dirt in 95-degree heat and humidity. Another time, we shoveled gravel and moved stacks of plywood. This time, we installed wood trim, painted, drilled holes for plumbing, and did some carpentry."

The team volunteered Sept 13-14 on the Cambria Terrace build. Cambria Terrace includes some homes that used to be part of a public housing project. When the original project houses were torn down in 2001, Habitat was contracted to build 22 homes in the planned mixed-income community. Of the total 84 homes planned, the original developer built 17 before relinquishing control of the project in 2009. Habitat was able to get the remaining 45 unfinished lots and take over building. Now 27 of the 45 homes are completed, with 2 to 6 homes being built each year, depending on funding.

The Infor Team worked on two homes. One was being finished for the family to take ownership in a week. "We painted handrails and door frames, completed a garage, cleaned caulk off of windows, and moved storage items to get the home ready for final inspection," said Mary Lynn O'Connor, senior product manager.

"It felt good to make noticeable progress on the completion of this house," said Greg Giangiordano, Infor SVP and general counsel.

The home next door was being framed. Infor volunteers - some more skilled than others! - assisted with securing joists and installing flooring and walls.

"My group nailed hurricane straps attaching the roof to the walls," Adelsberger said. "Not many hurricanes around here, but it's a code requirement. Two of us hit our fingers with hammers, but we survived. We also stuffed foam insulation into the eaves so the blown-in insulation wouldn't fly out into the yard."

And finally, since they had so many hands available, the team helped unload several delivery trucks containing kitchen cabinets to be installed in a nearby house.

"There was plenty of work available for all skill levels," O'Connor said. "It was quite rewarding."

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