Diginomica: ‘CERN – Where Science and EAM Collide’

United States – April 14, 2017, 09:30 AM

A new diginomica article explores how CERN's Large Hadron Collider - the largest and most complex machine in history - is 15% more efficient, thanks to Infor Enterprise Asset Management software.

In his April 13 report, "CERN - where science and enterprise asset management collide," Chris Middleton notes: "Everything about CERN is big: it is the world's largest research organisation for particle physics, with 22 European member states and 70 countries collaborating on science programmes. On a given day, 12,000 visiting scientists, 2,500 staff, and over 2,000 contractors work at the campus, which is the size of a small town. In such a superheated - or rather, supercooled - environment, system uptime and reliability are essential."

Here are excerpts:

David Widegren is the man in charge of the Asset & Maintenance Management unit at CERN.

'Many of our assets have a long life, perhaps 50 years. Long life cycles combined with staff churn make documentation of assets and interventions a must. Outsourcing of maintenance is another must, but outsourcing makes it essential for there to be a single repository of assets, of history and deep knowledge. The work is not finished until the result is imported into the EAM system.

'So we have a strategy of having a single EAM platform, with close to zero modifications of the software - only standard configurations and external add-ons and integrations. By not doing modifications, you can typically upgrade within 24 hours and be up and running with a new version of the software. Common tools bring common processes, which create savings and internal efficiencies. …

'Also there is very wide range of user profiles on the system, such as maintenance managers, engineers, equipment specialists - who are often physicists - technicians, both internal and contractors, and so on; are all linked via Infor EAM, Infor EAM mobile …'

But it is not just data about the assets that is important at CERN, but data from the assets. Widegren explains that operational insight and data from each component is critical, in what is effectively a self-contained Internet of Things (IoT). He says:

'This combination of asset management with connected equipment, and the data we capture from the assets, is really the way forward. We call this the intersection of industrial IoT and EAM. This is the sweet spot for the future.'

Read the complete article on diginomica.com.

Learn more about Infor EAM at CERN.

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