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‘Inside the Enterprise UX Revolution – A Day at Infor’s Hook & Loop’

United States – January 26, 2015, 14:30 PM

Diginomica's Jon Reed spent a day with Infor's Hook & Loop design team in New York City and wrote about what he learned. In a Jan. 23 article headlined "Inside the Enterprise UX Revolution - A Day at Infor's Hook & Loop," he writes, "Their enterprise UX ambitions go well beyond what I expected - but how will they get there?"

Here are excerpts:

'Good luck getting Chief Creative Officer Marc Scibelli to sit down. No sooner do I arrive at Infor's Hook & Loop studio, Scibelli is whisking me from demo to demo, showing off products yet to be generally-released, hitting me with a rapid-fire narrative about why Infor is all-in on UX.

'Breezing past white boards and design mock-ups, we banter about one of one Infor's most provocative UX agendas: "ending the tyranny of the super-user." …

'But ending super-user dependence is just the beginning. "Sometimes, the best UX is no UX at all," quips Scibelli. Wait - what? While showing me a 3D exception handling scenario in the works, Scibelli elaborates: "With algorithms embedded into the design, many of the exceptions would be processed by the system. You might not even need to deal with those anymore."

'Yes, a pretty UI is great, but the way Scibelli and team are now thinking, an algo-driven design might handle more of the headaches for you, freeing you up to slice and dice numbers, or search Google-style for elusive data or buying patterns. Oh, and serve customers better by providing them with relevant info in real time. That's a big UX mindset shift from making screens look prettier, no? But how did we get here?'

He goes on to cover:

  • How Hook & Loop changed Infor's look and feel
  • Next phase: the challenge posed by the mobile worker (and data science)
  • Pulling customer needs into the architecture
  • New products: "paperwork killers" and mobile problem-solving
  • Diversity as a methodology, or "Why I want to work with someone different than myself"

'UX is shifting from a "nice to have" to a serious competitive advantage. … Infor's iterative loops with customers have already yielded plenty of "aha!" moments that validate the UX direction.'

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