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Electrical Distributor: ‘Advanced Solutions for Every Level’

United States – October 07, 2014, 12:00 PM

"There's a lot of distributor technology out there, and in terms of quality, usability and functionality, it's science fiction compared to what was considered cutting edge little more than a decade ago," begins an article on distribution tech trends, "Advanced Solutions for Every Level," in The Electrical Distributor (tED) October issue.

Here are excerpts:

"But which of the latest automation entrees are appropriate for your business-and at what point does technology investment become extravagance? … even with financial limitations, small and mid-sized companies can provide a buying and customer service experience comparable to that offered by the industry's biggest entities. In other words, today's technology marketplace offers advanced solutions suitable for players at every level."

"As distributors expand geographically, their costs go up," explained Andy Berry, vice president and general manager, global distribution business unit for Infor… "The result has been a flurry of new tech products that leverage against rising costs. One example is integrated supply that does remote inventory management with inventory residing in the distributor's physical warehouse. We're talking about technology that takes steps out of processes and facilitates cost savings such as direct-shipping to customers rather than bringing product to a warehouse and shipping it from there-in other words, solutions that solve key business challenges."

Read the full article in tED.

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