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‘Foot Locker: Predictable Hiring Approved’

United States – December 07, 2015, 14:00 PM

Athletic apparel retailer Foot Locker Inc. used Infor Talent Science to improve front-line worker hiring amid high turnover and boost sales performance. Talent Management magazine details this use case in an in-depth article headlined: 'Foot Locker Inc.: Predictable Hiring Approved.'

Here are excerpts:

Foot Locker Inc. has never had difficulty finding job candidates. The New York-based company's multiple brands attract more than 1.5 million applicants across its more than 3,400 locations each year, as plenty of potential retail workers envy the chance to don those distinguished referee-style uniforms.

But like most retail outfits, Foot Locker in the years leading up to 2010 had experienced high turnover at its stores, resulting in muted sales growth and higher training costs.

"We were looking for an increase in performance," said Alexis Trigo, Foot Locker's director of store capability. "We wanted an increase in sales per hour. We wanted a positive impact in our customer experience. And we knew that a side effect of that would be that the teams should be staying longer."

In fall of 2010, Trigo and Foot Locker's talent management team set out to improve the company's front-line worker hiring by tapping a discipline gaining traction across the rest of the human resources industry: predictive analytics. …

Through a partnership with New York-based HR technology firm Infor, Foot Locker implemented Talent Science, a cloud-based predictive analytics software system that helped the shoe retailer streamline the hiring process of its front-line workers.

With Talent Science, applicants take an online assessment at or by visiting the brand's various jobs extension websites, such as Answers from the assessment then produce a "fit score," which indicates how closely candidates' behavior aligns with a job profile.

By using predictive data to help identify ideal in-store worker behaviors, Foot Locker said it was able to reduce its turnover while finding better candidates more likely to stay with the company long term.

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