‘The Quest for the 3rd IT Platform’

United States – July 30, 2014, 15:00 PM

'It's go time' for manufacturers, says Infor's Mark Humphlett. But to compete, they must adopt the IT required to go at the speed of the marketplace.

In a July 28 article, "The Quest for the 3rd IT Platform," in Foundry Management & Technology magazine, Humphlett writes:

"Manufacturing has turned the corner. … While procurement officers are expanding their global networks of suppliers and talent managers are recruiting to fill skill gaps, the IT manager also has to complete some 'get-ready' tasks. In order to be well positioned to seize the emerging opportunities on the horizon, end-to-end systems and process workflows need to be finely tuned and ultra-efficient.

"A recent IDC report referred to this adjustment phase as a 'transformation journey' and called for 'manufacturers to undertake a major rethinking of their business models.'

"To compete in the 'Manufacturing 3.0' world, foundries and die casters must adopt the information technology that speaks that language-the language of agility, analytics, mobility, social, cloud, configuration and collaboration. In the IDC report, analyst Lorenzo Veronese calls this the 'Third IT Platform' and explains that in order to reach this level, profound changes to the business model will be required, including moving from a transactional business approach to one that is purely real time.

"Veronese writes: 'Manufacturers will have to break organizational silos, create a more collaborative working environment, get closer to customers, and leverage modern IT, which will enable them to operate at the speed of the marketplace.' "

Read the full article on FoundryMag.com.

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