Habitat Build Was Really an ‘Unbuild’

United States – October 27, 2016, 10:30 AM

If demoing is the funnest part of refurbishing a 100+-year-old house, Infor employees who volunteered on a Habitat for Humanity project in Grand Rapids, Michigan, scored big.

"Our Habitat build could more accurately be described as an 'unbuild,' since we worked on tearing the house apart," says Infor development manager Mark Schaible.

This project was a refurbish of a house in a historic district. You have to tear out the old before you can install the new. So demolition was the Infor Team's assignment.

Some of the interior walls are being moved. The electrical wiring is being completely replaced. Additional insulation is being added to the exterior to make it a LEED-certified home, an energy and environmental impact designation.

"We worked on stripping the inside walls down to the studs, setting up scaffolding, tearing off the exterior siding, and removing a small back porch," said Schaible, who works on Infor Supply Chain Execution products.

That sounds like plenty of work for one day.

"The group working inside did an amazing job, and almost filled an entire Dumpster with original lath and plaster they removed," he said. "A small group of us tackled the back porch, and afterwards, we set up scaffolding to tear off siding.

"Working on the top of three levels of scaffolding on a very hot and humid day definitely had me outside of my comfort zone, but it was one of those unforgettable experiences that I'm so glad I had," Schaible said. "It was great to get outside, get dirty, and do some manual labor for the benefit of other people in our community."

See photo album.

Learn about Infor's long-time partnership with Habitat for Humanity International.

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