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Habitat Tampa Build ‘Hits Nail on the Head’

United States – September 27, 2016, 10:04 AM

"I am not much of a hammer user, but I found that if I swung carefully and with precision, I was able to 'hit the nail on the head,' if you will," explains Carol Valaes about her efforts during an Infor volunteer build day June 24 with Habitat for Humanity in Tampa, Florida.

"My co-worker exhorted me to 'swing faster! You'll be done with that nail quicker!' But, for me, I had to take my time," says Valaes, a quality assurance analyst. "We were hammering 2x4 boards to the ceiling, so we were up on scaffolds. It was quite challenging, as I am vertically challenged (short!), but we all did good work, meaning no bent nails.

"The construction manager informed us of how intense the process is to receive a Habitat home. We were all impressed with the Habitat for Humanity program and how the houses are not just given out; the families have to put forth a lot of effort and work for it, too," Valaes said. "It was a great feeling to know we were helping a family that also was putting forth serious effort for this house."

"The house is in my neighborhood, less than a mile from my own home," said Karla Fieger, an Infor development project manager. "It will be a constant reminder of what we can do when we work together to assist others."

Software engineer Misty Swearengin agrees. "Everyone was really excited to help the family and make as much progress on building the home as possible."

While some teams framed the inside of the house in preparation for hanging dry wall, others worked on constructing the roof.

"It was a lot of hard work in a fairly warm environment. There was lots of sweat!" Valaes said. "But then it started pouring right at the end of our 'shift.' "

"We had to quickly stop working, and get all the equipment out of the rain," Swearengin said. "We were all soaked by the end of the day!"

"But we were all drenched with sweat already, so the rain was a natural way to end it," Valaes added. "Rain and lightning, time to go.

"I think the construction manager was happy with what we accomplished. He would have had us stay longer."

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Learn more about Infor's long-term partnership with Habitat for Humanity International.

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