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15 Sites in 11 Countries—Dab Group Rolls Out Infor 10x

United States – February 14, 2014, 15:00 PM

Water pump maker Dab Group has completed a global deployment of Infor 10x. Next up is improved collaboration through Infor Ming.le™ and continuing the move to the cloud.

Dab Group produces 3 million motor-driven water pumps a year. It is a global leader based in Veneto, Italy. Dab has deployed Infor 10x in addition to Infor LN, Infor ION, and Infor Enterprise Performance Management across 15 sites in 11 countries.

"After an intense year of roll out in 2013, we have just celebrated the launch of our new innovation program based mainly on Infor solutions, which we have code-named 'GATE 14.' We've turned off our old, disparate AS/400-based systems, and we're now able to manage the vast complexities of a multi-national, make-to-order manufacturing business," said Enrico Pana, Dab Group IT manager. "ION is already running our business well by providing solid workflows and eliminating non-value-add activities."

The integrated Infor application suite is already delivering benefits by driving a standard set of business processes and automating workflows to boost user productivity. The next phase of the 10x deployment is to introduce Infor Ming.le™ during 2014 to increase cross-company collaboration globally across its 750 global users and Infor Expense Management.

"We're now set to roll out Infor Ming.leTM, as we can see an immense value in providing exception management capabilities combined with mobility all without the deluge of emails and phone calls that get connected to problem solving," Pana said. "With Infor Ming.le™, each user will be just one click away from someone else's environment. That's powerful. We can make that work really well for our customer satisfaction around the world."

In 2014, Dab will continue to move to the cloud. Already all 750 users access a single, on-premises instance of all the ERP data that resides in the head office in Padova, Italy. This data will be backed up in the cloud for disaster recovery purposes. Dab is also moving to the cloud for document management and sharing. By 2016 Dab expects its IT systems to be all in the cloud.

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