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iTWire: ‘How Does Hook & Loop Deliver Game-Changing Software?’

United States – August 27, 2015, 09:45 AM

iTWire reporter Stephen Withers wondered: "How does Hook & Loop deliver game-changing software design?" He had Karen VanHouten fill him in on how Infor's in-house design team starts with customers-on site.

VanHouten is principal information architect and product manager for SoHo Xi at Hook & Loop.

Here are excerpts from the resulting article:

Talking to and observing real users in their normal workplaces is the most important part, she said. It makes a big difference whether someone is using the software in an office, a warehouse, or outside in a yard, and observation is far more valuable than asking users what they want. …

Looking for patterns across multiple customer sites helps Hook & Loop identify aspects that deserve attention, and understanding users' mental models helps inform the design process. …

For example, one project looked at simplifying the screens used for order entry, but people from different industries wanted different data fields to be prioritised. What they all had in common was that they were struggling to find the information they required, so Hook & Loop turned to improving "the findability of information." …

Gaining user involvement hasn't proved to be a problem. When Infor set up a usability lab at one of its conferences, 75 people took part instead of the expected 20. …

"Mobile has forced us to prioritise information." So the same 'screen' presented on a desktop, tablet or smartphone tends to be increasingly focussed on the most important data. …

SoHo incorporates elements that are familiar to people that use Twitter, Facebook and other popular services, VanHouten said, as this reduces the need for them to relearn how to do things. …

Read the complete article on iTWire.

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