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NORPAC Foods’ Technology Update Yields Simpler Production

United States – August 26, 2014, 15:00 PM

NORPAC Foods has selected Infor Food & Beverage to help improve daily operations by updating its backend technology platform.

NORPAC Foods is a farmer-owned co-operative specializing in cultivating and processing high-quality fruits and vegetables based in Salem, Oregon.

With 240 farmer-members, the co-op sought a solution that could integrate data into a common database to help deliver better functionality to end-users and help ensure that information is processed in a timely manner. By selecting Infor Food & Beverage, the foundation of which is Infor M3 enterprise resource planning (ERP), NORPAC plans to streamline business processes in an effort to reduce errors and enable better decision-making.

NORPAC selected Infor over competing technologies, including solutions from other tier 1 providers, because of Infor's reputation as an industry leader and the evident capability of the platform.

As an employer of 1,500 year-round and 2,500 seasonal employees, NORPAC experiences a gradual shift within its workforce depending on the season. Existing systems did not deliver the necessary edge to support this fluctuation. Infor M3 refines data access at the user level for a highly variable number of employees, helping to run the business more efficiently by minimizing compartmentalization.

"Many of our users are long-term employees, and our business processes reflect that. With Infor, we will equip them with a better set of tools to help ensure that our business continues to operate with greater efficiency," said Sam Brown, IT director, NORPAC. "Infor provides us with enhanced visibility into our overall process."

The company's workforce also includes a growing number of younger employees, and NORPAC selected Infor M3 and Infor ION to branch into next-generation technology with reliable and proven functionality.

Specialized features such as mash-up screens allow information to flow from various sources to create a flexible, comprehensive data set that varies on a per user basis. The graphical lot-tracking feature is also critical for NORPAC, as it enables users to visually and automatically trace the origins of a component back to the specific field from which it was grown, rather than manually retracing steps after the fact.

"NORPAC sought to bolster its underlying technology platform to help improve its flexibility and provide actionable insights within its workforce. Infor Food & Beverage can help boost overall business efficiency without interrupting NORPAC's current operations," said Mike Edgett, Infor industry and solution strategy director for process manufacturing.

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