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CloudPro: ‘Not Always the Upstarts Who Cause Cloud Disruption’

United States – March 21, 2014, 16:00 PM

"It's usually the smaller players who cause the tectonic shifts, but look out for established firms too," writes software industry commentator Stuart Lauchlan in a March 20 commentary on

"Infor's become a fascinating example of an organisation that's been quietly putting in place the building blocks of the new cloud era for the past three years and finds itself astonishingly well-placed at a critical juncture," he writes.

Lauchlan talked with Infor CEO Charles Phillips, and said "Phillips sees this as a major competitive differentiator."

He quotes Phillips saying: 'We are taking our industry expertise and we will be the first company to move entire industries to the cloud. … What we have done over the last year is take everything, whether it's the core manufacturing process, product integrations, supply chain management, and of course HCM and CRM, and integrate it all together. The whole suite with the common release structure, so we can manage it as a suite. We can now say here's the cloud suite for aerospace and defence; here's the cloud suite for automotive. We are building clouds by industry instead of the generic platforms.' "

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