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HR Executive Online: “Not Your Father's Infor or Lawson”

United States – May 06, 2014, 12:00 PM

"Forget what you used to think about Infor," writes analyst Bill Kutik. "During his three years as its CEO, Charles Phillips has injected ambition and an attention to detail into the former software aggregator that he promises will bring "beauty" to everything it does. In our world, Infor is turning Lawson into the modern SaaS product the original company never could."

After attending the recent Infor Innovation Summit in New York, Kutik lays out his reactions in a column in Human Resource Executive Online headlined "Not Your Father's Infor or Lawson."

"So what's going on with Lawson?" he asks. Here are excerpts of his findings:

"Infor has settled on a 'micro-vertical strategy' and Lawson is right in the center of one vertical what else? healthcare.

"The idea is to write the software to solve exactly what the customer's unique problems are. As Phillips said during his presentation, 'Without that, you push complexity onto the customer who has to hire a systems integrator with industry knowledge. We are organized by industry.'

"What's important about the healthcare vertical is that it includes more organizations and entities than hospitals: stand-alone emergency rooms, sub-acute care providers (storefront docs and clinics), health-insurance payors and maybe ACA and public health.

Plus Infor is packaging additional functionality into its "CloudSuite for Healthcare," including Financials, Supply Chain and what's called a Clinical Bridge. The newly acquired PeopleAnswers, with its trait-based assessments, will be used in healthcare as well as in retail.

"As you may remember, Lawson already had a SaaS talent-management suite, which it offered to on-prem customers in a hybrid fashion, long before Oracle and SAP did, and without making much of a fuss about it.

"Obviously, Phillips thinks the company as a whole is going gangbusters, starting with a base of 70,000 customers. He said license revenue was growing 22 percent year over year, and cloud growth was 57 percent. Since he started three years ago, Infor has gathered 7,000 new customers and tripled its multi-product deals.

"So it's definitely not your father's Infor. And given Phillips' attention to detail, I'll bet his numbers are right."

Human Resource Executive Online, "Not Your Father's Infor or Lawson," Bill Kutik, April 28, 2014

Read the complete column.

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