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DMNews: ‘For AOL Paid Services, Optimization Is Name of Game’

United States – February 04, 2014, 12:30 PM

'To help its customers receive offers that are relevant to them, AOL Paid Services decided to implement the CRM solution Infor Epiphany Interaction Advisor (IA) across its online, call center, and e-mail channels,' reports Elyse Dupre in a Jan 30 article on Direct Marketing

'… Here's how the solution works: When a customer goes to a Web page, such as the "My Account" page, the page initiates a load. Before the page completes loading, a request for an offer is sent to the IA solution. IA then takes what it knows about the customer's current state, such as what device the customer is using, and pairs that insight with additional customer data, such as the customer's browsing preferences, history, or past purchase transactions. IA then chooses the best offer for that user and retrieves the best offer before the page finishes loading.

'Since implementing IA and the API, AOL has been able to integrate the best customer offers into its call center, website, and email,' said Tom Wyland, program director for AOL Paid Services. '… In addition, AOL has experienced increases in click-through rates, as well as lifts from smart targeting. In fact, Wyland said that AOL has achieved a 30 to 40% lift from targeting the right people.'

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