‘With the Cloud Comes Talent’

United States – January 07, 2015, 13:00 PM

"It's not just ping-pong tables, summer Fridays, and flexible work environments that will bring you top-tier talent. It's the technology you deploy throughout your organization, and the commitment you have to staying modern in an ever-changing business world," notes Lisa Pope, Infor CloudSuite SVP, in a Jan. 6 Cloud Computing Journal article headlined "With the Cloud Comes Talent."

"A recent IDG Research Quick Poll showed that many companies need to improve upon their ability to attract younger workers, and cloud applications can play a critical role in drawing these flexible minds to your company," she continues.

"Cloud applications offer the mobility, user-friendly interfaces, universal data access, and modern applications that many millennial workers are used to using on a daily basis. This generation of employees expects their personal technology and workplace technology to converge and share similar characteristics. … A successful workforce is at the center of any company's growth, so looking to invest in the future of this more modern thinking culture is paramount.

How can the cloud help? Read the full article.

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