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If at First You Don’t Finish a Habitat House, Try, Try Again

United States – June 05, 2018, 11:00 AM

This year's Habitat for Humanity house was familiar to the Infor St. Paul office volunteers.

"It was the same house that many of us worked on during our last Habitat build in October, so it was fun to have another go at it, and bring it to a nearly-finished state," said Kristen Luedtke, cloud sales director.

Rough winter weather had set in before the house in South St. Paul could be completed, and spring arrived quite late. So on May 17-18, 25 Infor volunteers were able put on some finishing touches on the same house.

Luedtke tells the story:

We were a perfect mix of female and male power, split almost 50/50. We are not all on the same office team, so it was great getting to know others at Infor.

There were two main groups, one in the front of the house, and one in the back. The back of-the-house crew worked on siding the garage, and putting up F channels, used to secure soffitt. The front-of-the-house crew painted the porch and finished up the trim.

I, personally, enjoyed using table saws to cut the trim, and I got a great workout hammering the trim to the house. Dylan Osiecki and Chris Regnier were the "all-around" hands, using their height and strength to finish off small projects on the side of the house, including siding and caulking.

We topped off our lunch with Dairy Queen's ice cream Dilly Bars.

We worked so hard and had such a good showing, the site manager ran out of things for us to do!

It was a beautiful day to volunteer, and I am so glad I got to help make a future homeowner's dream come true with my Infor co-workers.

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