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Top 5 Tips for Buying HR Tech — Infor’s Scholl Shares Secrets

United States – March 14, 2016, 14:00 PM

How can companies get more from HR software vendors during the selection process?

Infor President Stephan Scholl shared his vendor selection secrets on "Firing Line with Bill Kutik®," the monthly YouTube video interview program hosted by Human Resource Executive magazine's technology columnist.

Scholl discussed HR's biggest challenges and how a company's selection committee can get the best out of every vendor meeting.

Here are Scholl's top five tips:
1. Do the discovery process. "The most successful stories and engagements with customers is when they involve the vendor in a discovery process. Throw out the scripted, multi-hundred-page RFP that ends up in a feature/function war and engage your vendor, do discovery," Scholl says.

2. Meet the people at the company. Customers should meet presales and consultants who are going to do the work throughout the project.

3. Openly share your pain. Tell the vendor your business pain points, so they can be mapped into the software.

4. Take ownership of project success benchmarks. "[The vendor is] a partner of yours. We're going to engage with you. We're going to work with you. But you [the customer] have to own the success criteria of this project and work with a team like us to help you get there."

5. Build a governance process. "Customers need to engage their vendors as partners to get the most out of their time and attention when buying HR software."

Watch the 6-minute interview.

Read the press release.

Note: Scholl's appearance is the first of three to be sponsored by Infor in the "Firing Line" series.

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