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Washington Post: ‘Could Personality Tests Replace Interviews?’

United States – May 11, 2015, 11:00 AM

"Picking employees who are right for a job opening can be a tricky task. An interviewer must have an eye for the intangibles of a candidate's drive, personality and social skills - and make a call on the candidate's fitness for a job after just one or two meetings. What if you could automate that process?" writes reporter Aaron Gregg in a Washington Post article May 10 headlined "Next up in recruiting: Could personality tests replace interviews?"

Here are excerpts:

  • "Infor, a New York-based cloud analytics company, sells employers a 45-minute personality test called "Talent Science" that 'exposes a candidate's behavioral DN'" by testing 39 behavioral, cognitive and cultural traits and comparing the results with those of the high performers already in the door. The company claims that it has assessed a whopping 11 percent of the total U.S. workforce, and in March it announced a new suite of services for federal employers."
  • "The test plots the individual's personality based on the answers, and Infor's analysts compare the results with some form of performance measure to spot the high performers and the low performers - say, a measure of deals closed, or houses flipped, widgets produced - however success is measured for the job opening. Merging the personality and the performance data allows the company to create a "performance profile" pinpointing the unique personality traits that define a high performer for a specific role at that specific company."
  • "'It's not a cookie-cutter process to see how can I fit people in and make sure everybody's a robot. It's about figuring out how to put people in roles they're going to appreciate,' said Jason Taylor, Infor's chief scientist for human capital management."

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