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Dab Group Completes Infor 10x Global Deployment

United States – February 12, 2014, 08:09 AM

Infor, a leading provider of business application software serving more than 70,000 customers, today announced that Dab Group, a global leader annually producing 3 million motor-driven water pumps, has completed a global deployment of Infor 10x in addition to Infor LN, Infor ION and Infor Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) across 15 sites in 11 countries. The integrated Infor application suite is already delivering benefits by driving a standard set of business processes and automating workflows to boost user productivity. The next phase of the 10x deployment is to introduce Infor Ming.le during 2014 to increase cross-company collaboration globally across its 750 global users and Infor Expense Management (XM).

News Points

  • Veneto, Italy-headquartered Dab Group is expanding into many new markets, so it must address the varied individual needs of a diverse set of customers. Dab needs to better manage a complex manufacturing environment with greater levels of cross-company collaboration to meet customers' orders on time.
  • Infor Ming.le will be steadily rolled out during 2014 and is expected to deliver new heights in collaboration and workflow, particularly for exception management. Infor Ming.le will be the key engine for helping users share, escalate and resolve issues without the need for numerous emails and phone calls.
  • Infor Ming.le will build on the existing successes Dab has experienced with the new Infor suite, which has enabled Dab to instill standardized best business practices across its global operations backed by automation. An innovative process dashboard has been created using the combined power of Infor LN and Infor ION to identify potential bottlenecks. This has helped improve the way Dab handles, processes and tracks orders, while also monitoring pricing deviations to provide consistency across all operations.
  • In the finance area it has already eliminated many manual processes including email chains and phone calls which often result from invoice queries. Now 60,000 invoices can be automatically processed every year using the new system with only minimal intervention for exceptions.
  • In 2014 Dab will continue to move to the cloud. Already all 750 users access a single, on-premise instance of all the ERP data which resides in the head office in Padova, Italy. During 2014 this data will be backed up in the cloud for disaster recovery purposes. Dab is also moving to the cloud for document management and sharing purposes. By 2016 Dab expects its IT systems to be all in the cloud.

Dab Group Quote

"After an intense year of roll out in 2013 we have just celebrated the launch of our new Innovation program based mainly on Infor solutions, which we have code-named 'GATE 14.' We've turned off our old, disparate AS/400-based systems and we're now able to manage the vast complexities of a multi-national, make-to-order manufacturing business," said Enrico Pana, group IT manager, Dab Group. "ION is already running our business well by providing solid workflows and eliminating non value-add activities. But we're not standing still. We're now set to roll out Infor Ming.le as we can see an immense value in providing exception management capabilities combined with mobility all without the deluge of emails and phone calls that get connected to problem solving. With Infor Ming.le each user will be just one click away from someone else's environment. That's powerful. We can make that work really well for our customer satisfaction around the world."

Infor Quote

"A 10-country implementation during 2013 is a huge success for Dab Group," said Mark Humphlett, industrial manufacturing industry director, Infor. "The Infor strategy of minimal customizations, combined with industry-specific functionality available out-of-the-box, is critical to the success of such projects. Dab Group has led the way in deploying many features and capabilities within Infor LN, ION and now Infor Ming.le. We look forward to working with them on the next part of their journey to reach new heights of collaboration amongst its staff and supply chain partners in the coming months."

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