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Delta Galil Dresses for Success

United States – September 10, 2014, 12:30 PM

Delta Galil, a leading Israeli textile and apparel manufacturer and marketer, has expanded its international deployment of Infor M3 in a six-figure deal, and now manages its enterprise resource planning (ERP) layout through one site and one database globally.

Infor M3 was implemented at Delta by Infor partner Intentia Israel, specialized in international ERP projects, with a unique implementation methodology provided by its subsidiary Intentia Advanced Solutions.

Delta Galil Industries Ltd. manufactures and markets lingerie, sleepwear, and socks sold under leading brands such as Calvin Klein, Nike, and Ralph Lauren. It has manufacturing and marketing centers in more than 20 countries worldwide.

The multi-site, multi-country, and multi-company implementation at Delta Galil was based on its strong fit with the dynamics of Delta's business and the deep fashion-industry functionality within Infor M3. In particular, the flexible style, color, size, and fit matrix and global inventory management features will help Delta Galil improve the management and supply chain of products for a diverse range of leading brands and customers.

"The textile and apparel industry is characterized by a very complex supply chain," said Avi Avital, Delta Galil information systems manager. "Success depends upon using systems that are broad and flexible and are very specific to the industry. Our implementation of M3 is a direct continuation of our specialization strategy that is designed to support Delta Galil by embedding best practices in every area of business. M3 has proven itself to be the best fit."

M3 is expected to support more than 1,000 users across the globe and will assist in consolidated logistics and financial activities throughout the company's manufacturing, marketing and retail operations.

"Delta is a prime example of the success that comes from collaborating across a supply chain instead of trying to control it," said Bob McKee, Infor fashion industry director. "Infor M3 is built around enabling fast, easy connection between people and the technology within companies. This enables quicker, better decisions, a far more agile response to changing market conditions, and a keener competitive advantage."

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