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EMEA Momentum Shines at Infor Inspire

Australia – April 11, 2019, 09:00 AM

Talk about change management. 18 months ago, Infor CEO Charles Phillips chose Cormac Watters to become EVP of EMEA. He asked him to bring together the 14 offices serving all the diverse countries, cultures, and languages of Europe—and make them one.

“We have done that,” Watters says, “with the intention of giving a single face to the customer. That’s the point.”

18 months later, Infor Inspire Amsterdam was a celebration of that new focus and momentum.

“Europe is an important market for us. Almost 40% of our business comes from Europe,” Phillips told the 1,000+ attendees from 35 countries at Infor’s largest European event April 3. “Unlike most US-based software companies, we have major engineering and employees centers here, because many of the former IT companies that make up Infor originated in Europe.”

Phillips’ keynote kicked off the day, with CTO Soma Somasundaram and CFO Kevin Samuelson joining in to focus on the evolution of ERP business cloud strategy, artificial intelligence, and human potential. CCO Susan Beal hosted a customer panel featuring American Airlines and Liberty Steel. Constellation Research founder R “Ray” Wang gave an energetic presentation on the post-digital, AI-driven world. And Watters hosted a fireside chat with Tommy Elisasson Winter, head of Ski Team Sweden Alpine.

“We are growing, and that’s good news for our customers,” Watters told attendees as he presented Infor’s EMEA strategy and focus.

In the past 12 months in EMEA, Infor has:

  • 500+ new customers
  • 20 new partners
  • 480 go-lives in EMEA and APAC
  • 1,000 new consultants through expanded Alliances ecosystem
  • Growth in license and subscription business
  • Services business growth enabling hiring 118 new consultants
  • 626 new employees
  • 8 universities joining the Infor Education Alliance Program

The field organization is taking a fundamental shift to focus more closely on go-lives than on sales, Watters said.

“Let’s celebrate the go-lives. These are challenging, difficult projects because they are complex.”

He listed off a few recent go-lives: Liberty Steel first Infor LN multitenant go-live in the world; Fuller’s Brewery live on Infor M3 with Infor OS and ION integration; BAE Systems live with Infor LN.

“I get to meet a lot of customers, and a frequent comment I get is: ‘We love the products; we just need some choice in how we deploy.” So we have expanded our alliances with global systems integrators in Europe from 3 to 10, and we are working closely with them. They are our allies. And we’re growing our internal alliances team this year from 1 to 8 people.”

“I wanted to change the way we deliver our software to be much more intimate, much more agile. Our goal was to get smaller to get bigger,” Watters said.

Infor EMEA is now structured across five geographic regions: South, North, West, Central & Eastern, and Middle East Africa, with a general manager for each living in their own region. “It was critical to get closer to our customers in each region and have each GM accountable for both sales and service delivery.

“We are becoming much more accessible to our customers, to help deal with any issues that arise. As we become more local and more intimate, that’s going to help our customers succeed. There’s more to do, and we’re willing to do it.”

Watch replay of Infor Inspire keynotes.

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