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ERP Today: ‘IPO Set to Catapult Infor into the Big League’

United States – May 20, 2019, 15:00 PM

An editorial in the inaugural issue of ERP Today magazine this month postulates that Infor could catapult “into the big league with a mega-money IPO, potentially valuing the company at $50 billion – maybe more – making Infor the biggest NYC tech IPO in history.”

The piece, headlined “Charles Phillips: IPO set to catapult Infor into the big league,” begins on page 40 of the elegant ERP Today magazine Q2 2019 issue.

Editor Paul Esherwood interviewed Phillips for this article, which profiles his leadership and the global rise of Infor in the ERP space.

Here are excerpts:

“Infor has led the way in the adoption of multi-tenanted architecture, and Phillips sees this as a key advantage over his nearest rivals.”

“Infor has its sights set firmly on Oracle and SAP, and Phillips believes there is significant opportunity to take market share away from the two largest players in the enterprise apps space. He said: ‘Companies who told us “no” two years ago are now coming back to us and asking what we can do. When an SAP customer is facing a $200 million upgrade for no new functionality, it’s not surprising they are looking for an alternative option.’”

“One of the key areas of focus is on their ecosystem. … Just 12 months ago, Infor only had one global alliance partner, whereas now it has eight. The likes of IBM, Deloitte, and Accenture are taking a keen interest in the Infor offering.”

“Phillips is keen to point out where Infor is leading against its competitors. “They’re talking about user experience, but we started that conversation eight years ago with the first integrated design agency building our experience. They are talking about cloud, but we built our applications for the cloud rather than retooling on-premise apps. … Infor leverages Amazon’s huge investment in infrastructure services while our competitors are effectively competing against that.’”

Re IPO, Phillips says: “‘Everything we do is focused on our products and our customers, and a significant amount of the new investment will go towards enhancing our portfolio of products. … we will consider an IPO when the time is right for us, not just when we think the market wants it.’”

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