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Habitat Build Proves Veracity of Measure-Twice-Cut-Once

United States – December 18, 2017, 10:00 AM

Not so fast, but, oh, so precise. Employing a measure-twice-cut-once methodology, the Infor volunteers assigned the job of installing columns on the front porch of the Habitat house were able to carefully cut to fit without errors or wasted materials.

"The columns required exact measurements with precise notching cut-outs to properly fit them into the structure," explained Tracy Rahm, cloud security and compliance analyst. "We were not very fast at cutting and assembling, so I remarked that I was glad that we were not getting paid by a piece rate or we would all starve."

Quality before quantity on the structural stuff.

33 Infor volunteers from the St. Paul office worked on a 3-day build-Oct 6, 9, 12-at a Habitat for Humanity house in South St. Paul, Minnesota.

"We broke into four teams and tackled different projects," Rahm said. "Some went into the basement to install flooring and sealer. Others went to an upper area to install exterior weather wrap. I was on the porch pillar crew. We all worked well together and divided up the tasks, switching roles periodically so everyone had a chance to measure, work the saws, and hammer."

"I just joined Infor in August, and my team is scattered around the globe, so I hadn't met many Infor people face-to-face yet," said Cari Rivan, global enablement manager with the Customer References Team. "I thought the Habitat build would be a good chance to meet some people in my own office-and it was.

"The Habitat team got us to do some things I never imagined being able to do, like installing soffit (the material covering the eaves of the roof). They broke the task down into such small, manageable pieces that it was a breeze," she said.

On inside sales rep Jordan Weinand's work day, "the project manager was impressed with how much we got done. We finished his expectations in the first 3 hours, so he came up with other things for us to do. The next day at work, there was a strong sense of accomplishment, comradery, and appreciation for being able to do what we do."

"This was my first experience with Habitat, and it was so much fun," agreed Lisa Miller, business development rep. "What could be better than time and energy well spent with colleagues and power tools?"

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