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"Here's What I Can Offer Your Company. Will You Take Me On?"

United States – March 12, 2015, 17:00 PM

Infor's Pacific Managing Director Jo-Anne Ruhl sat down with Lucia Osborne-Crowley at Women's Agenda to discuss tips for women in technology to advance their careers.

Ruhl completed her doctorate in law before joining Inforadmitting at first it was intimidating due to the technology industry being male-dominated. But, she is happy with her decision to join a company that is actively seeking to break down gender barriers in the software industry. "At Infor, 33% of the workforce is female and 32% of senior leadership positions are held by women. This goes right to the top of the organization - Infor's Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and executive vice-president are all women."

Here is Ruhl's advice for women in male-dominated industries who want to advance their career:

Take on new challenges

"Don't get stuck in the mindset that tells you, 'I've studied this particular thing so I have to stay in this industry forever'. Find yourself a different opportunity, and then find the courage to take it!" said Ruhl. "Seek out challenges, even the ones you are completely under-qualified for. That's how to push yourself and learn new skills."

Choose the right company for you

"You need to find a company that will not discriminate based on gender and that will judge you on your merit," said Ruhl.

Negotiation skills are important

"[As women] we are terrified of pushing too hard, but we all know that if you don't ask, you don't get. Women are afraid of being aggressive but negotiation is really just about knowing your value," Ruhl told Women's Agenda.

Find another leading woman to be your mentor

Ruhl says mentoring is particularly important to career growth: "There are so many challenges that are unique to being a woman, and it is important to find a mentor who understands them."

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