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Hermanson Boosts Customer Excellence with Infor

United States – June 25, 2015, 09:00 AM

Infor, the industry cloud company, and Accel Solutions Group, a leading organization focused on installing, maintaining, training, customizing and integrating Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software systems, today announced the success Hermanson a leading mechanical contractor in the Pacific Northwest, has seen with Infor Customer Relationship Management. Infor CRM is a cloud-based application that includes sales, customer service, marketing analytics and reporting. With these tools, organizations can manage the full customer lifecycle in one environment, access relevant enterprise resource planning (ERP) data to help win customers and help manage future sales opportunities. .

As one of the top mechanical contractors in the state of Washington, Hermanson needed a CRM solution that could help them provide enhanced sales and customer support on multi-million dollar commercial construction projects with more streamlined processes to track and gather information, develop proposals, and help accurately plan resources. Hermanson bids on these projects years ahead of their start dates, so accurately capturing and storing detailed sales histories in a single environment that tracks bids and proposals, including employee and vendor involvement, was critical. Hermanson uses Infor CRM to help keep sales people, estimators and other business development professionals on top of projects-from the first notice that a job will be available for bidding through the close of a successfully completed project.

"We selected Infor CRM because it is so customizable and adaptable to the sales processes in our industry. We find out about projects three to five years in advance and we get those into Infor CRM so we can track and gather information, develop proposals, and plan ahead for our teams and resources," said Jason McDonald, principal, Hermanson. "Infor CRM is powerful because it helps keep our sales people, estimators, and other business development professionals on top of projects with a detailed sales history about bids and proposals as well as which employees and vendors have worked on each project team."

Since using the system, the quality of Hermanson's bids have increased as the sales team used Infor CRM to access detailed past project information. Showing prospective customers what has worked in similar situations can add a lot of credibility to proposals and can help Hermanson to be a more trusted advisor to customers. Infor CRM can also help track people resources, so the same teams can be reassembled to work with repeat customers, which can help enhance customer service and satisfaction.

"The customer is at the heart of any successful organization, regardless of industry. By providing a complete view of customer touch points across sales, marketing, customer service, and support teams, Infor CRM can help organizations maximize the impact of every interaction," said Stewart Applbaum, senior vice president and general manager, Customer and Marketing Management, Infor. "Infor applications are built with industry-specific capabilities, deep integration, and enhanced flexibility and control."

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