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Hurtigruta Carglass Sees Processes More Clearly with Infor

United States – June 23, 2015, 09:00 AM

Infor, the industry cloud company, today announced that Hurtigruta Carglass, a provider of vehicle glass repair and replacement services, owned by UK-based Belron Group, has successfully deployed Infor M3. As part of a business improvement program, Infor M3 is expected to drive greater control and visibility of business processes, boost productivity and ensure efficiencies across the company's Oslo-based headquarters and 42 branches across Norway.

News Points

  • Hurtigruta Carglass selected Infor M3 In order to achieve greater visibility and control across its business processes, deliver efficiencies and establish a robust platform for future growth and development.
  • Infor M3 was selected following a tender process. Infor M3 was chosen on the basis of Infor partner Merit Consulting being a suitable implementation partner, and that Infor M3 could provide all of the capabilities Hurtigruta Carglass required based on standard functionality.
  • Merit Consulting delivered the application as part of a two-phase deployment. The first saw Hurtigruta's headquarters and two branches go live, while the remaining 40 branches went live as part of the second phase.
  • Hurtigruta's orders, including those from insurers, come in either directly to its central call center or via its branch network. Using Infor M3, queries are expected to be managed more efficiently, and orders processed much faster.
  • Other key benefits include improved stock control and integrated ordering of parts which in turn is set to deliver enhanced procurement and substantial efficiencies.
  • The enhanced planning capabilities in Infor M3 mean that productivity in Hurtigruta's branches can be improved substantially. Stock availability is aligned closely to demand, and through having robust schedules, teams are motivated and can work more effectively.

Customer Quote
"Our business is very labor intensive, therefore any improvement to productivity in our branches can have a substantial impact on the bottom line," comments Einar Laheld, Operations Director, Hurtigruta Carglass. "Infor M3 facilitates better visibility, order processing and planning, enabling us to drive efficiencies across a number of key areas."

"We initially looked at Infor M3 as an 'outsider' in our tender process, assuming that it would be too big and potentially too complex for our business. How wrong we were. Working with Merit we quickly developed great confidence in Infor M3, specifically its ability to harness complexity to provide a tailored, seamless experience for the user. We now feel we have a solid foundation from which to move to our next project and pursue our business improvement projects."

Infor Quote
"One of our key beliefs is that while complexity is absolutely necessary in a large enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, the user's experience should be anything but complex," comments Einar Broch, Sales Director for Infor in Norway. "Our applications are industry-specific which means they can be tailored to fit the needs of a specific vertical, crucially without the need for extensive customizations which are both costly and inconvenient to the organization. Equipped with this foundation Hurtigruta is well placed to pursue its ambitions in the most efficient way possible."

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