Infor Announces Excellence in Action Award Winners at Inforum 2016

United States – July 11, 2016, 09:00 AM

Infor, a leading provider of beautiful business applications specialized by industry and built for the cloud, today announced the winners of the 2016 Infor Excellence in Action Awards at the company's annual user conference, Inforum 2016, in New York City. These awards recognize organizations that drive innovation and showcase exceptional results in business performance after implementing Infor applications and services. The awards identify customers who have displayed excellence in various business operations including Financial Excellence, Operational Excellence, Employee Excellence, Customer Excellence, Innovation, and Transformation.

A panel of Infor solution and industry experts evaluated each applicant's nomination. The 2016 winners were chosen based on scope and depth of performance improvement, quantifiable business benefits, customer focus and satisfaction, and technology use and innovation.

"Infor's Industry-specific software, built with last mile functionality, is used daily by organizations in more than 200 countries, and this award program gives us a formal platform to honor the outstanding business achievements our customers have realized through innovative usage of Infor applications," said Stephan Scholl, president of Infor. "Our organization is thrilled to present each of these nine customers with an Excellence in Action Award, further highlighting their commitment to positively impact daily interactions with customers, employees and partners, and ultimately do business better."

The winners of the 2016 Infor Excellence in Action Awards are:

Customer Excellence - First Transit
As one of the five subsidiaries within FirstGroup plc, First Transit, Inc. works to supply precision, efficiency, innovation, and all-around expertise to both public and private transportation systems. Senior management in maintenance spends a lot of time on the road, visiting the operations that support the more than 300 locations in which First Transit operates, and the data from Infor Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is able to help identify various issues at poorly performing sites, so the company can work to correct the situation, rather than losing valuable time trying to pinpoint the precise problem itself. Using Infor EAM, especially the mobile application, the company has established paper-free work processes for maintenance technicians, which have helped increase technician and supervisor efficiency. In addition, First Transit's vehicle maintenance teams receive work order assignments in the field, in the order that their supervisors have prioritized them, and technicians can find additional resources, including manuals or guides, to help complete jobs faster and help boost customer experiences. Since implementation, the company estimates a 5-10 percent increase in technician productivity, an 80 percent reduction in time it takes to complete a site visit by a senior manager, and 55 minutes saved each day for technicians and 35 minutes saved each day for supervisors through efficiencies related to work assignment. Finally, 80 percent of jobs are now scheduled whereas only 60 percent of jobs were scheduled previously, resulting in more productivity.

Employee Excellence - Mattress Firm
Mattress Firm, a leading retailer of mattresses and accessories in the United States, with more than 3,500 locations, began working with Infor to adopt a more streamlined approach to hiring. Part of the Infor Human Capital Management suite, Infor Talent Science has helped reduce turnover and increase sales performance throughout the organization. This has allowed the talent acquisition team to make even more of a significant impact on the business and reallocate resources to focus on more value-added activities. Through these new processes, hiring managers have been able to leverage behavioral and performance data to create predictive models that allow their team to better select, retain, and develop the right talent across the entire employee life cycle. The organization estimates a nearly 61 percent lower turnover rate after the third month of employment and 11.1 percent higher sales by recommended managers on duty. Now, new applicants applying for sales positions are prompted to take the behavioral assessment and then are compared to the Sales Manager in the Training profile. This new process ensures that the right people are being hired for the right job, ultimately increasing guest satisfaction, higher sales per house and a faster ramp up to full productivity.

Financial Excellence - Albuquerque Public Schools
Albuquerque Public Schools (APS) wanted to manage its budget cash flow in-house by embedding all pertinent details into their technology platform to help better track the life of projects through enhanced planning and reporting. Working with Infor, the Capital Fiscal Program Services team, along with the Business Systems and Capital Master Plan offices, were able to take cash flow reporting from months and weeks of manual tracking, on hundreds of comprehensive spreadsheets, to the click of a button, with the use of Infor Lawson applications. The financial and performance impact of this APS project has already proven to be significant. The organization is now able to differentiate Capital Master Plan Strategies, track departmental budgets and economic reductions, defer projects for future election planning needs, and accelerate or decelerate projects as needed based on district priorities. APS also achieved great success in creating, managing, leveraging and implementing their own cash flow legacy, including the ability to track $3.3 billion in projects daily, reduce budget planning for the new fiscal year from two months to three days, reduce errors by eliminating manual processes, enhance employee training, and create a more systematic approach to doing business.

Operational Excellence - Synlait Milk, Ltd. and Samra Wastewater Treatment Plant
Synlait Milk, an innovative dairy manufacturer based in New Zealand, opened its consumer packaging facility in 2014 to produce infant formula as a retail-ready product. Following a deployment of Infor M3 and Infor ION to support this facility, the company also expanded its supply chain to add significant new capabilities. This included the ability to simplify tracing information with third party transport and packaging suppliers as well as improved visibility to customers for each step of the consumer packaging process. The facility is capable of producing 120 cans per minute. Consistently achieving this output is strongly supported by Infor products and plans are underway to further leverage Infor M3 and Infor ION in the facility.

Samra Wastewater Treatment Plant, the largest wastewater treatment facility in Jordan, was in need of a solution that would be able to manage more than twenty thousand assets, worth more than 100 million dollars, including all of the mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, automation, fleet, and structures that needed to be followed, and help the organization adhere to stringent requirements and help it meet applicable reporting standards. The treatment plant serves 60 percent of the population and is very important to assisting with the water resource shortage for farmers in Jordan Valley. Using Infor EAM, Samra Wastewater Treatment Plant was able to automate key processes and now has a more complete, and clearer picture of plant operations, which can allow for better traceability, recording of electronic signatures, and more efficient maintenance records, which can all be accessed in real-time. Since going live, the organization has reduced administrative work and has helped optimize processes which has equated to higher employee satisfaction.

Transformation - J.R. Watkins and State of Hawaii
As a natural product company that provides home care, personal care and gourmet products, J.R. Watkins sought to modernize its aging IT portfolio to help optimize speed to delivery for its customers, while also maintaining heightened quality management. By selecting Infor CloudSuite Food & Beverage, powered by Infor M3, the company was able to achieve a noticeable improvement in functionality and performance value. By upgrading from the existing on-premise enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to a cloud-based model, J.R. Watkins has been able to enhance daily operation without sacrificing business continuity. Through this very quick implementation, the company estimates a savings of $500,000 over the course of five years.

At the junction of public service and technology, the need to do more with less converges with a demand for contemporary and intuitive business processes. The State of Hawaii is an excellent example for how government organizations can cost-effectively adapt to a modern, shared services infrastructure. By using Infor Public Sector Suite (IPS) with Infor Ming.le and Infor ION, the Hawaii state government is transforming the way it services constituents, while saving nearly $1 million dollars annually. By investing in IPS as an enterprise shared services platform, the state is able to replace its aging legacy system to enhance programs that facilitate core government functions like asset management, permitting, licensing and compliance. This investment has not only helped state agencies perform with optimal efficiency, but it also serves as a prime example for how public sector institutions can cost effectively modernize the IT infrastructure to better serve the public.

Innovation - Hackensack University Medical and CERN
As the healthcare industry continues to push for better interoperability, Hackensack University Medical Center (HackensackUMC) partnered with Infor to build a real-world implementation that will help support Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) initiatives. Utilizing the Infor Cloverleaf Integration Suite, HackensackUMC has been able to put more focus on the flow and exchange of patient information, and how it could be more open, comprehensive and accessible to both patients and providers. This specific project focused on developing a simple-to-use, mobile system for patients to schedule appointments and answer a single health questionnaire that could increase patient satisfaction, give time back to patients, providers and operations teams, help decrease waiting room time and anxiety, and create a faster system for check-ins for appointments. HackensackUMC's patients now have the ability to connect with applicable providers, regardless of electronic medical record, and relevant information flows to a single chart to which is accessible to applicable doctor(s) which can help doctors make more informed decisions regarding care. Infor's applications are designed to help support HackensackUMC's goal of giving patients more control over their own data, the power to decide what do with the data, and who gets to see it.

CERN relies on Infor Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) to operate and maintain its Large Hadron Collider (LHC). During the last few years, the organization has taken the strategic decision to roll out Infor EAM throughout the entire organization, and has been able to replace a number of both in-house developed and commercial applications, with Infor solutions. By leveraging the configurable frameworks in Infor EAM, the organization has seen concrete examples where implementation times have been reduced from weeks to hours. This has resulted in significant annual financial savings as well as increased efficiency by allowing personnel to work on more value-added tasks. These savings come in addition to the important operational gains of streamlining processes and unifying tools as well as the increased data quality by reducing duplicate information. The number of teams and services using Infor EAM at CERN has increased by 200 percent during the last two years, and close to 400,000 new equipment pieces have been registered in the system over the same period. In addition, the financial module in the latest version of Infor EAM was able to help CERN track the financial depreciation of assets, and within less than 12 months, CERN is depreciating nearly 30,000 pieces of equipment, corresponding to a gross value of approximately 12 billion dollars.

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