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Infor Announces Internship and Educational Alliance Programs

United States – September 17, 2014, 11:30 AM

Infor has launched the Infor Education Alliances Initiative and the Infor Scholars Program, a learning and collaboration program to power next-generation leaders and businesses.

Infor Education Alliances is available to three groups: institutions of education, nonprofit organizations, and industry associations. Inaugural alliance members include Brandeis International Business School, Baruch College, and New York City College of Technology (City Tech) of the City University of New York (CUNY), The University of Texas at Arlington, University of Parma, Italy, and the New York Urban League.

Infor Education Alliances provide an opportunity for bright students to develop employable skills working with groundbreaking technology at Infor. Infor is offering access to specialized cloud-based software packages and training materials, providing opportunities to innovate.

"Immersive experiences built around Infor’s innovative software will give the next generation of workers and businesses comprehensive knowledge of next-generation capabilities, including powerful social collaboration, deep industry-specific functionality, and fully functional user experience design, as well as the opportunity to shape the next wave of business software," said Infor CEO Charles Phillips.

Infor Education Alliances includes five learning initiatives:

  • Infor Scholars Program – Infor and Infor Partners in Education will provide internships that enable students to work directly with their strategic teams to gain comprehensive and practical business experience and professional development training.
  • Infor Solution Endowments – Infor will provide software and training materials for professors to integrate into classroom learning and project/lab work, giving students the hand-on experience and innovative learning opportunities to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.
  • Centers of Excellence – Infor will collaborate with institutions to set up or integrate into existing development environments, micro-vertical ecosystems and research collaborations with Infor Product Development and Dynamic Science Labs teams.
    Infor Product Accreditation & Certification – Participants can pursue self-directed training to achieve product certification through Infor Campus, demonstrating their proficiency on Infor products and giving them an advantage competing for employment opportunities.
  • Skills Marketplace – Trained and certified participants can connect with prospective employers, including a broad community of Infor customers and partners, as well as Infor corporate.

"When minorities fall behind in technology, inequities multiply and access to a growing job sector is thwarted, impeding economic growth," said Arva Rice, president and CEO of the New York Urban League. "Partnering with Infor will help us provide committed youth from low-income communities greater access to technology, in-depth career exploration, mentoring within STEM-related fields, and internship opportunities."

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