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Infor Announces Product Suite for Public Utility Organizations

United States – March 30, 2015, 09:00 AM

Infor, the industry cloud company, today announced Infor Public Sector Suite (IPS) version 8.4 to further manage the needs of the public infrastructure. Formerly known as Hansen, the latest iteration of IPS features several major upgrades to facilitate improved collaboration, efficiency and user functionality. In IPS 8.4, public agencies will benefit from core enhancements to the user interface (UI), asset management, billing, mobility, geographic information systems (GIS) and the Dynamic Portal. These developments have been specifically designed using customer feedback to further meet the needs of organizations within the public sector and government.

Key Enhancements

  • Innovative User Interface - For IPS 8.4, users gain a cutting-edge interface that has been rebuilt using the standard HTML5 control set. The new UI also features the SoHo user experience, which is developed by Hook & Loop, Infor's internal creative lab. In previous versions of IPS and Hansen, users have been required to use Internet Explorer. This latest design now supports other browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari to provide a broader range of access. IPS 8.4 also features a new grid enhancement, which is updated from the previous grid functionalities. All grids now include a filter row that allows users to sort through the records. Each of these core UI enhancements not only provides a better look and feel, but also builds upon the reliable work management experience sought by public sector end-users.
  • Improved Asset Valuation Tracking - IPS 8.4 now includes asset management tools for storing and reviewing asset valuation movement data. By tracking this movement data, users can analyze the asset valuation over an extended time period. This allows organizations to better anticipate changes in an asset's value due to depreciation or capital expenditures. The suite is also equipped with an out-of-the-box asset movement report that allows users to quickly look up asset valuations. This reporting function shows the movements in greater detail and provides better overall visibility into asset usage throughout the department.
  • Prorated Billing Cycles - This latest version of IPS includes a new option for prorating stepped rates within the billing tables. Typically, the consumption level for each step is defined for a billing cycle or billing period, but now changes can be prorated based on the number of days that an account was active. This is achieved by dividing the days active by the number of days in the set billing cycle. Through this new method, users are better able to define the daily consumption level for each step. When calculating bills, IPS 8.4 multiplies the daily amount by the number of days for which an account is being billed to determine an accurate consumption level.
  • Expanded Mobility - The mobility aspect of IPS 8.4 has also been reimagined to better meet the needs of the end-user. The Infor Field Inspector mobile app has been expanded to include Customer Service and Work Management functionality. This enables users to access the mobile app to look up service requests and work orders with various queries, view records on the map, and view details of individual records in the InfoViewers. The app also includes new tools for looking up addresses, assets and contacts when users create and edit service requests and work orders.
  • Annotative GIS Functionality - The GIS component of IPS 8.4 is a key element to many public organizations. The latest version now supports annotations to allow users to mark up the map with individual drawings and comments. These annotations can also link to records within other Infor Public Sector applications, such as inspection or community development and regulation (CDR) modules. This improved function was designed to help users sketch proposed developments on the actual map, then link back to these diagrams through the application records to create a more direct approach.
  • Device-Responsive Dynamic Portal - The new responsive design of Dynamic Portal takes a different approach from that of the previous Utility Billing module found in IPS 8.3. The responsive design allows Dynamic Portal's user interface to optimize its display for a variety of devices, including PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The site is able to detect the display size of the specific device being used and make necessary adjustments to transition the information in a more user-friendly size, style, layout and navigation.

Sierra-Cedar Quote
"We are excited to help Infor deliver customizable applications intended to fit the specific needs of the public sector. The latest version of IPS is designed to provide the right tools for state and local organizations to efficiently manage the needs of their citizens," said Juan Ortiz, Director, State and Local Government Solutions for Sierra-Cedar. "Our partnership with Infor demonstrates our mutual commitment for providing sophisticated tools that should create a noticeable return on investment for the customer."

Infor Quote
"As budgets and resources continue to tighten within the public sector, organizations rely upon new technologies to help more efficiently manage their employees and promote improved services for citizens." said Kevin Curry, senior vice president, Infor. "With IPS 8.4, we are able to provide a strong suite of applications that help these organizations increase productivity in day-to-day tasks such as managing service requests, reviewing work orders and repairing public utilities. Infor Public Sector not only provides the right tools for each job, but also helps organizations fortify their overall technology investment by acting as the catalyst for greater connectivity between departments and agencies."

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