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Infor Expands Product Suites For Federal Customers

United States – March 24, 2015, 09:00 AM

Infor, the industry cloud company, today announced an expanded suite of transformative products that are designed to significantly benefit the unique needs of customers within the Federal government. For a number of years, Infor has offered comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, which contain a diverse suite of applications that address government requirements for financial, human resources and payroll, supply chain, logistics, asset management, enterprise performance and risk management, and citizen relationship management. Infor now offers a wide array of solutions that can be delivered via a multi-tenant cloud or on-premise deployment; toolsets that help Federal organizations achieve the full potential of enterprise technology and deliver efficient services to the public. Infor is continuing to steadily invest in the creation of innovative technology solutions that offer Federal organizations a more contemporary approach to modernizing processes, helping to establish a more meaningful and effective way for conducting business.

Infor is well known as an ERP provider with a deep background in industry-oriented applications. However, Infor is moving beyond the back office solutions to provide applications that leverage its deep industry-focused expertise to meet the program requirements within the Federal government. While the core offerings still focus on product suites such as enterprise financial management (EFM), human capital management (HCM), citizen relationship management (CRM), enterprise asset management (EAM), supply chain management (SCM) and enterprise risk management (ERM), Infor continues to concentrate on how to harness these technologies in a more meaningful and cost-effective way, and unlock the potential of the Federal workforce.

Each Infor product suite is designed to provide a more transformative user-experience, capturing knowledge and optimizing performance based on precise and configurable preferences. This helps organizations overcome frequent challenges experienced in the Federal space like disjointed or redundant systems, and instead replaces them with a more unified experience that leverages modern technologies such as social, mobile and cloud platforms. This flexible and agile approach enables a smoother transition from legacy systems while providing the millennial workforce the technology and user experience they expect.

"Federal government customers have a unique challenge in that they must maintain transparency with both citizens and regulatory agencies, which becomes increasingly difficult when information and processes are managed through disparate systems," said Wayne Bobby, vice president, Federal Solutions, Infor. "Infor's suite of products is designed to address the needs of all users, from finance and human resources to maintenance, while also delivering a unified experience. This connectivity facilitates unparalleled visibility, helping federal customers to drive operational efficiencies and better meet citizen demands."

Federal-Oriented Technology Solutions:

  • Human Capital Management- Infor HCM gives government organizations transformational tools that link together people, mission and execution, sending actionable information directly to employees and managers. The solution helps Federal agencies to identify and close skills gaps with workforce planning and analytics. Decision-makers can use talent management and science to decrease the human resources cycle time, reducing processing time and costs across the entire agency through employee and manager self-service capabilities. Organizations that embrace learning management tools are in a better position to develop staff and cultivate the leaders of tomorrow.
  • Financial Management - Infor's financial management solutions are designed to consolidate information across the entire organization. This allows for financial data to be easily delivered, promoting optimal budget management. These applications can help Federal organizations create more effective cost-reduction strategies and forecast with greater accuracy.
  • Managing Critical Assets - Infor EAM fills a critical need for Federal organizations by delivering modern tools to monitor equipment, fleet, facilities, properties and provide a complete property asset management solution. Infor EAM helps keep assets at optimal performance levels and prevents costly unscheduled downtime. This solution includes energy efficiency management and supply chain optimization.
  • Supply Chain & Logistics - Infor's end-to-end supply chain and logistics offering provides a comprehensive level of functionality to that can enable a seamless flow of data and processes across the enterprise. Infor SCM is able to help Federal organizations continuously improve efficiencies and make more informed, data-driven decisions with complete visibility and traceability. The Infor supply chain product suite helps government customers easily connect with suppliers and contractors to drive their requirements in a closed-loop manner.
  • Federal Healthcare - The Federal healthcare offering provides clinical data interoperability solutions that help to standardize and automate processes in order to deliver more effective services to veteran or military healthcare and health services organizations. Infor is a recognized leader in healthcare industry and offers a complete and customized solution for Federal customers.
  • Regulatory Audit Readiness - Infor Approva helps Federal organizations maintain audit readiness, prepare for inspections, and remediate risks. This software is specially designed to manage the evolving diagnostics and requirements of the Federal government. With Infor Approva, government organizations are better able to protect the expanded management plane, by leveraging shared security responsibility models and scaling up to maintain control over multiple distributed applications and environments.
  • Simplified Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation - Infor ERM provides continuous monitoring to help detect, analyze, report, and mitigate through repeatable and reliable processes, allowing organizations to automate existing continuous monitoring capabilities, correlate and analyze critical security-related information, and enhance risk-based decision making.
  • Meaningful Citizen Relationships - Infor CRM improves citizen interactions and expands channels of access to drive transparency and satisfaction. This product helps accelerate the response times for requests, enabling public agencies to provide better service to partners and citizens.
  • Technology Platform - Infor's preconfigured software, supported by its flexible and agile technical platform, can meet most Federal-specific functional requirements and workflows while maintaining the broader industry compliance and standards. Infor's technology such as Infor ION®, Infor Mongoose, Infor Motion, and Infor Ming.leTM allows systems, both Infor and non-Infor, to be easily integrated through a platform that provides heavyweight functionality on a lightweight and adaptable framework.

Infor CloudSuiteTM: Infor has a strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to offer secure cloud environments. This relationship can provide Infor customers with Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) compliance, dependent upon which solutions they have engaged within either the AWS GovCloud (U.S.) region or AWS U.S. East/West regions. Infor's partnership not only provides customers with the necessary level of Federal compliance, but also creates a reliable cloud environment that helps government organizations achieve operational efficiencies and realize considerable cost savings.

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