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Infor Habitat Volunteers Bring Success to Small Spaces

United States – December 04, 2017, 10:30 AM

Your job is to install a 6x6 support post to reinforce the house's foundation. No problem, except that you're wedged into a 3-foot crawl space where taking a solid swing with a sledgehammer is quite impossible.

"Trying to sledgehammer while sitting was hard," said Elizabeth Kim, Hook&Loop UX designer. "Even though I was tired, I just kept thinking about the lucky family that would live here shortly, and that made each swing worthwhile. We finally got the post in place through lots of sledgehammering and nailing at awkward angles with the help of site supervisor Kevin and my co-friends Kristyn (Assise) and Sahir (Jiwani)."

"I also worked on filling cracks in the foundation that had formed under the kitchen area of the house," she added.

Seventeen Infor volunteers got down and dirty on Sept 22 at this Habitat for Humanity build for a family with several kids in the Jamaica neighborhood of Queens, New York.

"From designers to supply chain analysts, most of us had no experience working on a construction site," explained Kristyn, an Infor Sales solution consultant. "Together, we learned from the endlessly patient Habitat volunteers and helped each other along the way."

"The kinds of work we did was amazing," enthused business development representative Stephen Berry. "I ended up using three kinds of electric saws, a hammer, and all kinds of safety equipment. I did everything from measuring, cutting, and installing support beams to tearing up old rotted flooring to cutting and installing new floor boards in the attic.

"My 9-to-5 job is wonderful, and I love it, but getting out to do some manual labor was refreshing. I love working with my hands and building things," he said.

An unusual bonus for the crew was "we ate fresh tomatoes grown on the site!" Berry said. "One of the Habitat guys, Jared, planted some tomatoes a while back behind one of the builds. They were delicious."

"I loved this day. I realized that getting out of my routine and thinking about other people is super important," he added.

I'm thankful to work for an organization that values helping the community and providing outlets outside the workplace to come together. I'm truly looking forward to my next build," said Abby Whalen, Healthcare solution consultant.

"We all had such a great time together, we even went out for drinks afterward-with the Habitat staff, too," Kim said. "What a fun, nice, hilarious, and hardworking group!"

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