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Infor Habitat Volunteers Earn Construction-Worker Nicknames

United States – January 24, 2017, 10:00 AM

Just call him Measuring Mark.

Some Infor employee volunteers used the Habitat Toronto build as an opportunity to invent construction-worker nicknames for themselves. For the one day, Nov 15, they answered to monikers such as Hammer Time, T-bone, Dano, Sue Saw, and Measuring Mark.

Playful sobriquets for some serious accomplishments.

"There is something wonderful about spending the day outdoors helping families in need. I never knew how much I'd enjoy using my hands to build a house that will weather anything our harsh seasons can throw at it," said Daniel Asmis, Infor Services sales rep. "I got a new appreciation for all the organization that goes into a successful construction project. Everything was broken down to simple tasks but, together, we accomplished something that seemed very difficult."

The Infor volunteers helped build a block of multi-unit homes on Torbram Road in Brampton, Ontario. The foundation had been poured recently, and the team's task was to install the first-floor joists and then the subfloor. They split into three groups, each group working on a different building. Each house was at a different state of completion.

"We had varying levels of experience, but we all shared a solid work ethic and desire to help families in need," said Dimitry Shlyonsky, Infor Services consultant. "We started the day learning what should be done and how. The work was slow and careful. 2x4s were cut, and there was a lot of nailing, gluing, and power drills screwing in subfloors."

"It was my first time operating a power saw," said Lefond Au-Yeung, senior software engineer. "The Habitat staff took time to explain how to do things the right way. I learned a lot."

"The crew leaders and Infor volunteers quickly worked as a team and surprised everyone with the progress we made in a single day," Asmis said.

"It was after lunch-now with a good understanding of what had to be done-that the team picked up the pace, and started to really lay the hammer down," Shlyonsky said.

"Two events stand out in my mind. Both exemplify the good nature and hard work that is a part of the core fabric we enjoy at Infor," Shlyonsky continued. "The first event was when one house was ready for the basement stairs to be dropped in. The stairs are solid reclaimed wood that must be moved and positioned, then dropped into place. This feat required the coordinated efforts of about 12 people. When the other crews saw us attempting this, they joined in without a word. Because of our combined effort, the stairs went in with scarcely a bump or bruise, and many laughing, smiling faces.

"The second event occurred at about 3:30 p.m., when one of the crew leads had to leave the site. We had expected to work until 4 p.m., so we did not want to stop. As a result, two crews united
and worked together without a contractor, and continued to lay down the plywood, glue it and screw it into place. I was part of the charge, and it felt exhilarating to add that final extra bit of value to our workday. The team of close to 10 found ways to work in unison, and came close to completing the subfloor on the second house."

"Our Infor culture is filled with good people who are willing to come together and get the job done," Shlyonsky said. "It made me proud to be a part of a day where we took those same ideals and helped our community and families in need. I had never worked with any of the people that I met that bright warm day in November, but I feel my life is richer for the experience."

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