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Infor Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Now Even Better

United States – April 15, 2015, 10:00 AM

A new version of Infor Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management is now available, with key updates to help organizations further simplify and enhance the billing and receivables process.

Infor Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management 3.5 is an electronic, flexible, rules-based and exception-based workflow engine for revenue cycle management and patient billing that provides healthcare organizations with tools to gain greater control over operational and financial processes, saving time and money. Infor HRCM is also available as a cloud-based solution that is designed to be HIPAA-compliant and includes encryption, application monitoring, and audit controls.

Used by multi-site hospitals, reference laboratories, physician billing organizations, and healthcare specialty providers, this application provides patient revenue staff with real-time data on compliance, days receivable outstanding, rejections, and write-offs. The newest version touts updated features designed by Hook & Loop, Infor's in-house design agency, to offer users a more consumer-grade, innovative look and feel.

"Infor's HRCM product provided full accounts receivable functionality and has proven to be an excellent software solution for DaVita Labs' unique industry requirements," said Jason Cline, vice president and general manager, DaVita Labs. "The ease of use in screen transitions along with the robust ability to filter/query for all fields provides significant control to the end user. This new version of HRCM is primed to help us drive efficiencies and support our commitment to continuous improvement in our operations."

"Changes in payer and regulatory rules, ineffective processes and time-consuming tasks consistently plague healthcare organizations of all sizes, and directly impinge on cash flow and patient billing processes, which severely impact bottom line results," said Mike Poling, vice president, Healthcare, Infor. "Successful organizations need to mitigate these issues, while reinforcing bottom line results. Infor Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management offers a scalable and flexible solution to maximize collections, reduce gross days receivables outstanding, and improve cash flow."

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