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Infor Healthcare to Help Payers and Providers Move Beyond Patient Care to Encompass Excellent Patient Experiences

United States – April 13, 2015, 09:01 AM

Infor, the industry cloud company, today announced increased investment in Infor Healthcare Relationship Management (HRM), an industry-specific suite of customer relationship management (CRM) solutions designed to support multiple faces of a healthcare organization including payers, integrated delivery networks, children's hospitals, academic medical centers, critical access hospitals, outpatient specialty care and accountable care organizations, and ultimately the patient. To be available via cloud deployment or on-premise, the application is secure and easy to use, and is designed to work like familiar productivity tools, offering flexibility and control while extending functionality to smartphones and tablets.

Healthcare is an information intensive industry with many processes and requirements, and Infor CRM technologies provide a robust and flexible platform that can help streamline processes and efficiency across the organization. Specifically, Infor HRM will help organizations better analyze performance of routine processes over time so improvements can be made to eliminate unnecessary steps to increase patient care and experiences. The application also helps coordinate the delivery of care, can more proactively manage chronically ill patients with automated targeted messages, improve accountable care and community relations through tailored outreach campaigns, and ultimately extend existing health IT investments via easy integrations and workflows.

"Consumer expectations continue to rise as many companies have successfully leveraged modern CRM technologies to proactively engage customers and provide better service. This shift also affects payers and providers, because consumers now expect greater transparency, proactive wellness programs, unparalleled care and improved overall experiences," said Barry P. Chaiken, M.D., chief medical information officer, Infor. "Previously, healthcare organizations had issues with routine activities because of siloed information and manual processes. Realizing this need, Infor is able to leverage its CRM experience and solutions and strategies in the commercial sector and translate it over to the Healthcare industry to increase efficiency, improve patient and physician engagement, and assist in proactively managing patients' overall health."

The Infor Healthcare mission is to help people and systems work better together so healthcare organizations can respond immediately to emerging needs, and transform for the future. Infor HRM offers one platform, but will deliver multiple solutions to assist in addressing daily issues plaguing healthcare organizations, including:

  • Referrals Management - Consistent processes and strong communication channels are critical to patient well-being and satisfaction when referrals are needed between clinicians, specialists, departments and facilities. Users have the tools to create standard procedures that are agreed upon across organizations and automate communications to help ensure patients receive uninterrupted care through transitions.
  • Chronic Condition Case Management - Ongoing reminders and education can help patients manage chronic diseases. Healthcare organizations can use automated communication tools to send targeted mailings to specific groups of patients alerting them of upcoming educational secessions, as well as remind patients of appointments or to be diligent about their treatment plans.
  • Patient Information Management - Patients want quick and efficient interactions that don't require them to provide the same information again and again. Users can create workflows that streamline the collection and authorized sharing of patient information across departments.
  • Physician, Nurse and Affiliate Management - A physician and affiliate relationship management solution can help build and maintain reliable referrals, improve relationships with doctors, nurses and affiliates, and create a centralized database that houses critical information that can be easily accessed, which will improve the overall quality of care provided.
  • Community Outreach - Users are able to help increase the focus on prevention and wellness through ongoing community outreach. The automated tools and multi-channel communications help to educate community members on wellness programs.
  • Clinical Trial Management - Furthering medical research is essential for improving treatment and prevention. Healthcare organizations can use the automated outreach campaign tools to track and recruit patients and create tailored processes to track results and ensure compliance to trial standards.
  • Comprehensive Business Intelligence - Healthcare organizations can easily analyze data and assess key performance indicators from across the organization to gain a deeper understanding of organizational performance, and make strategic decisions that positively impact patient outcomes. Users can view key performance indicators like revenue per affiliate using dashboards or link to patient data to quickly identify and respond to trends such as increased cases of viral infections or flu outbreaks.

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