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Infor Helps Healthcare Organizations Deliver Excellent Care and Outcomes

United States – March 05, 2018, 13:58 PM

Infor, a leading provider of industry-specific cloud applications, today announced the availability of an updated version of Infor Staffing Optimizer for Healthcare, formally Infor Care Workloads. Part of Infor CloudSuite™ Healthcare, this solution uses empirical, evidence-based data gathered from thousands of care interventions to establish detailed knowledge of an organizations patient care needs. Users get recommendations for the ideal number of staff, with the right skills for the specific patients at any location, each shift, and will be able to balance patient workload with hours worked for nurses and staff, rather than using levels of care or intensity-based staffing models.

For many healthcare provider organizations, determining the best workload and staffing levels to create positive patient outcomes is a delicate balancing act. Not all patients and cases are the same, and levels of care can greatly differ from room to room, which is quickly realized by the nurses who care for them. With Infor Staffing Optimizer for Healthcare, users get a workload management solution that provides a link between the patients being cared for and the nurses who care for them, allowing organizations to reduce administrative time with scheduling and put more focus on delivering excellent care and outcomes.

The newest release of Infor Staffing Optimizer for Healthcare, version 4.1, has significant updates which includes access to the Assignments Module which contains a real-time listing of available caregivers, their certifications, available patients, their workload values, and the ability to build care teams and assign relief team members for patient assignments. In addition, a centralized administration console will streamline the maintenance and accessibility of the component, allowing for a more unified software, patch, and configuration process. Users will also benefit from two new interfaces to assist in the import and maintenance of client employee users and available caregivers. These interfaces will automate the laborious process of having to manually load this data. Managers will have the data they need to build budgets, and leaders will have the data they need to help maintain equitable workloads. Finance can easily align workload instruments to fiscal standards, while IT can interface with applications to meet system requirements.

"Healthcare organizations understand the importance of scheduling fair and equitable assignments, but it's not always the easiest task to do, especially when patient safety and satisfaction is at the center of all decisions. Without a modern technology system in place to provide the data and support, this can become a cumbersome task," said Danielle Miller, PhD (c), MSN, RNC-OB, C-EFM, Chief Nursing Officer, Infor. "Infor Healthcare is able to provide the technology needed to improve team satisfaction and reduce turnover, which is incredibly important to maximize efficiency through Infor Staffing Optimizer for Healthcare."

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