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Infor Helps Organizations Better Manage Web and Mobile Applications

United States – February 26, 2018, 09:00 AM

Infor, a leading provider of industry-specific cloud applications, today announced the availability of the Infor Cloverleaf API Gateway powered by Infor OS. An extension of the Infor Cloverleaf Integration Suite, the Cloverleaf API Gateway delivers a cost-effective solution for healthcare organizations looking to enable full lifecycle management of APIs (Application Program Interfaces) throughout their organization, backed by the power of Cloverleaf Integration Services. Digital innovation continues to spread rapidly in healthcare, and with electronic health records replacing paper charts, there is more opportunity for interoperability. Developing cutting-edge APIs to meet the needs of the industry is paramount to keeping pace with modern ways of doing business, and to better connect hospital systems, providers, patients and communities.

As healthcare provider organizations continue to find ways to utilize mobile and web applications to do business more efficiently, such as connecting with insurance organizations, interfacing with government agencies, and delivering vital, time-sensitive information to patients and partners, it's paramount that these newly created APIs be effectively managed in a central location to realize cost benefits, avoid unwieldy maintenance processes, and have overall visibility to their interoperability landscape. With the Cloverleaf API Gateway, healthcare organizations have the ability to lay the foundation for digital innovation in healthcare delivery, care coordination, and patient engagement through the effective management of their APIs, such as those based on HL7® FHIR® standard. (1)

Infor Cloverleaf API Gateway provides a single point of control to manage the burgeoning number of API connections in healthcare, assuring the performance and security of those APIs, and leveraging the power and flexibility of the Cloverleaf Integration Engine. By utilizing Cloverleaf API Gateway, healthcare organizations should be able to publish and update APIs more readily, help in preventing denial of service attacks which could otherwise render network and web services completely unavailable, manage and monitor performance and utilization of APIs which will allow organizations to scale resources and identify potential usage issues, and provide deep backend integration to enable legacy systems to participate in the API economy which allows organizations to unlock the opportunity of their data in their existing healthcare IT assets.

"Today's healthcare ecosystem is more connected than ever before, and new, innovative solutions are emerging every day to support patient engagement, care coordination, transitions of care, population health management, and risk management - all driven by APIs," said Mark Weber, senior vice president, Infor Healthcare. "Healthcare has moved outside the four walls of a hospital and into retail and other community settings, to consumer's homes, and even on mobile devices and applications. This means that healthcare organizations will need to be agile in connecting to a growing number of trading partners across the medical and health continuum. API driven integration will be key to this transformation, and as a 'face' of the organization, will require enterprise class management to assure security and performance of the APIs."

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(1) HL7, and FHIR are the registered trademarks of Health Level Seven International.

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