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Infor India Recruiting Hard to Serve Booming Business

India – June 06, 2018, 10:00 AM

If you need a break and a little comradery at 1 of Infor's 6 offices in India, there are dart boards. If you need motivation, there's a gong that gets bonged every time a deal is signed. Everyone wants to hit that gong.

And these days, the gong rings with increasing frequency, so Infor India is on a hiring tear to keep up with the growing business.

"According to McKinsey in its reports about India, the country is expanding fast, and 72% of its GDP is growing from 40 Tier 2 cities," explains Ashish Dass, Infor India VP of Sales. "This is because of the major industrial growth and the government's "Make in India" initiative.

"The aggressive growth and adoption of Infor cloud solutions worldwide coupled with the huge interest from the local industry triggered a massive growth of Infor India by 400% in the past 3 years, and we continue to recruit more talent to manage this global demand," says Ranga Pothula, VP of Consulting Services. "The industries that are growing are mostly the ones in which Infor is very strong globallydiscrete manufacturing, process manufacturing, distribution. This is our sweet spot."

Infor India plans to add 300 to 400 employees by end of 2018for roles across all departments and across all 6 offices in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, and Ahmedabad, notes Renu Ganotra, senior director of Human Resources.

Why work for Infor India? Its leaders make the case in this Q&A:

What is Infor?

Infor develops world-class business software solutions and delivers professional services for specific industries in the cloud. We are a US-based multinational company, with 16,000+ employees helping our 90,000+ customers from all over the world solve their critical business challenges.

Where are the Infor India offices?

Infor India was established in 1989 in Mumbai. Later, we set up centers in Hyderabad, the largest in India with 1,800-plus employees, and Bangalore with 500-plus employees. We also have offices in Pune, Delhi, and Ahmedabad. The total headcount in India currently is approximately 2,500.

Infor India consist of Development, Support, Global Delivery Services, Consulting Services, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Product Management, Global Business Services, and support functions like Finance, HR, and IT.

What is special about this team?

The decades have seen us transform from stumbling beginners to confident, multi-skilled specialists, ready to take on challenges. Today, the team delivers some of the core innovative solutions of Infor, including the latest tech stack with AI Coleman, IoT and cloud. The Global Delivery Services team provides the complete end-to-end solutions to the Infor cloud and on-prem customers globally. The Infor India team also supports all the customers on the cloud by providing a 24/7 cloud operations.

Why are you recruiting so many new hires now?

Infor is growing, and India is a strategic location. India is a young country; half of its population is under age 25. It is the world's fast-growing economy, where major multinational companies are expanding due to availability of talent.

How many new employees are you adding? For what roles?

Infor India plans to add another 300 to 400 employees by end of 2018for roles across the board.

On the Sales Team, for example, we are creating a segment of senior sales people who can manage large accounts across the country and who can approach the owners and management of multibillion dollar conglomerates to sell our successful digital transformation story to the market. We are also hiring solution consulting reps, business development reps (BDRs) and support staff.

What successes from this past year are you most proud of?

From the business angle: We are proud of having transformed from a small base of selling to existing customer to 65% selling net-new deals and almost doubling our revenue in a year.

From the family bond angle: We are proud of hiring 300 new engineers in the same year, and inducting 100 graduates fresh from campus. The whole team, because they were so new and at the same time so hungry to be part of this new "startup" business in the region, helped each other a lot. This developed a sense of a family in the teams. They are there for each other. When one is down in business, the other helps him or her to boost their morale. This bond has grown so strong, we never have a dull moment, despite some challenges.

What's changing in the profession?

Tech professionals need to be more aware of the digital transformations that companies are doing across the world.

Infor is partnering with universities in India as part of the Infor Education Alliance Program to impart hands-on knowledge about Infor products and services in the classroom, and provide industry-savvy graduates who are ready to start delivering on Day 1. We also offer internship to students and, based on their interest and performance, we can provide employment opportunities with Infor and our partner ecosystem.

How do you keep your employees keen and motivated?

We are proud of the fact that our employee retention is much higher than the industry standard.

Our Employee Engagement Team is always on top to get the employees pulse through various activities like HR Open House Forums, Walk & Talk to HR, employee opinion surveys, etc. To progress employees' careers, we have initiatives like the Education Assistance Program, which offers company-sponsored trainings and certifications. We also have a reward and recognition program to appreciate the extra miles walked by the employees to motivate them with monetary perks.

We believe in transparency, and conduct sessions once a month where our sales reps discuss deals they have won and how. Those sessions help others learn and get motivated. That's a big one for them. We believe we learn best from one another.

What is the office culture like?

Although we are growing, we maintain a small company culturewarm and inviting. We do regular informal gatherings on Fridays, and have dart boards in the office. We sometimes do impromptu games around the weekends to keep everyone bonded.

We seriously believe in fun at work. Our CARE (Club for Amusement Recreation and Entertainment) Club offers activities like employee wellness program, sports, and entertainment on a regular basis. We are a socially responsible center, and conduct a lot of CSR and social events in each of our locations. These include building schools, public toilets, planting trees, and cancer treatment sponsorship for underprivileged kids. We even helped local traffic police manage city traffic by creating applications for them.

What's the most important factor you consider when hiring someone?

The right attitude. We want our employees to be team players and have that hunting drive to succeed. At the same time, they must possess a family bonding affinity.

We strongly believe that skills, competencies, etc. can be taught, but right attitude is hard to teach and goes a long way in eventually deciding the success of an employee. We want our hires to be passionate about learning, exploring, and contributing towards everything we build at Infor.

Why should someone join Infor India?

Infor India is the fastest-growing Infor center with a plethora of opportunities to learn and grow. Infor India was honored with a Regional Best Employer Brand Award by the Employer Branding Institute - India in 2016 and 2017.

We have a young and vibrant workforce that believes in a good balance of work and play. Our employees will tell you that our culture is the most important thing that keeps them motivated and happy to come to work each day.

Why would anyone not want to join a place that is a home away from home and gives you the best of everything?

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