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Infor Introduces Healthcare Analytics Solution to Optimize Workforce and Operational Effectiveness

United States – February 08, 2018, 09:00 AM

Infor, a leading provider of industry-specific cloud applications, today announced Infor CloudSuite HCM Analytics, a new healthcare analytics solution designed to optimize workforce and operational effectiveness.

The new solution will leverage Infor Birst's unique Networked Analytics Architecture to help healthcare organizations deliver better patient care. The solution will provide them with a new level of trusted insights and decision-making by connecting people and their data through a network of analytics services.

Infor CloudSuite HCM Analytics is part of Infor CloudSuite Healthcare, a complete software platform that includes solutions for finance, supply chain, human capital, and clinical interoperability.

"This solution provides healthcare organizations with an in-depth understanding of their costs and drivers toward more efficient care delivery," said Amy Ihlen, Infor Senior Director of Product Management, HCM (Human Capital Management). "Infor is focused on helping healthcare providers obtain the right workforce fit for skills and behaviors, in the right locations, at the right times, to deliver better patient care and outcomes."

The Infor healthcare analytics solution enables healthcare organizations to see, in real-time, activities that are critical to their operations. For example, the solution delivers embedded predictive models, tailored to each customer, to optimize labor spend, understand demand forecasting, and get ahead of fraud analysis.

Infor CloudSuite HCM Analytics also brings together, and makes sense of, data pertaining to the cost of care, patient referral and demographics, employee satisfaction, operational efficiency, and the direct correlation between engagement and patient quality of care.

Key capabilities of the solution are the ability to:

  • Drive better decisions and business outcomes with People Analytics. This includes the ability to identify segmentation of the workforce and associated performance measures, risk indicators and overall talent planning (succession, critical talent planning).

    For example, the solution would notify HR leaders when staff turnover increases sharply at one of their healthcare system's hospitals. This timely update would trigger a proactive effort to discover the cause and minimize additional turnover. Consequently, the healthcare system can address the issue quickly and thereby avoid the expense of recruiting and training new personnel.
  • Better determine nursing workloads & staffing, and conduct better workforce planning. This capability enables healthcare organizations to forecast demand for services and workforce supply, and develop critical workforce plans to mitigate any predicted gaps.
  • Reduce the opportunity for personal bias. With this capability, healthcare organizations can support efforts to increase diversity and inclusion through automated, trustworthy forecasts. This means less manual intervention, which reduces the chance that organizational politics or personal agendas will contaminate forecasts.
  • Gain a better understanding of person and team fit. The solution provides measures that identify what improvements can be made and how the measures compare - such as HR spend per person, efficiencies with training programs/learning, engagement, flight risk indicators, and fit-to-role (qualifications & behavioral fit), etc.
  • Plan more effectively for the future. The solution gives healthcare organizations the ability to model a wide range of behaviors. They can test what-if scenarios to determine the likely impact on their forecasts, and account for both planned and unplanned events. Further, they can mine, segment and visualize data interactively.

"Today, healthcare organizations want deeper insights into how their resources are allocated, and the state of the workforce and program effectiveness," Ihlen said. "This solution enables them to take a more holistic approach to people analytics."

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