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Infor Rebrands GT Nexus Digital Network as Infor Nexus, as it Reinvents Supply Chain

United States – March 20, 2019, 09:00 AM

Infor Nexus combines power of GT Nexus network, IoT and Infor Coleman AI to create the Intelligent Supply Chain Network

NEW YORK – March 20, 2019 – Infor, a global leader in business cloud software specialized by industry, today announced that it is rebranding its GT Nexus supply chain network as Infor Nexus, as it digitally reinvents the way supply chains execute and use data and intelligence to be more customer-centric.

Infor Nexus combines the power of GT Nexus, IoT and Infor Coleman AI to deliver an intelligent supply chain network with a path to the autonomous supply chain. Infor Nexus is the first solution of its kind to combine AI, IoT and advanced visualization through an end-to-end collaborative network, providing real-time visibility and predictive intelligence.

“Supply chain organizations need to focus on reinventing their operating models to break silos, develop end-to-end visibility, and create an agile and seamless collaboration model,” said Mohammed Hajibashi, Global Supply Chain Lead, Products Industries, Accenture, in his Oct. 4, 2018, report, Reinventing the supply chain with AI. “New data sources and advanced analytics can make this possible. Leveraging artificial intelligence, companies can process massive and diverse data sets from across all functions to provide better visibility within the supply chain.”

Infor Nexus connects companies’ enterprise systems, network partners and IoT devices in a single-instance, multi-enterprise business network platform to deliver a single version of the truth to all parties. By connecting to the network, companies digitalize their end-to-end supply chain processes, gain real-time visibility of all supply chain events, and take advantage of data-driven insights across internal systems and their entire network.

“The new Infor Nexus brand culminates the past three years we’ve spent transforming GT Nexus – leveraging digital technologies such as IoT, in-memory processing, mobile, advanced visualization and AI,” said Rod Johnson, EVP of Manufacturing & Supply Chain at Infor. “Today, we’re delivering a next-generation supply chain network that is real-time, intelligent and self-orchestrating. Our customers are empowered to optimize service levels, costs and inventory through a digital environment that is hyperconnected and data-driven, with a path to the autonomous supply chain.”

The Infor Nexus re-brand comes on the heels of the recent launch of Control Center, which provides a high-fidelity, end-to-end picture of global supply chain flows. This, combined with Coleman AI, enables customers to predict potential issues, identify opportunities to act, and place their focus on situations projected to have the greatest impact on business. Aligning users within and across the network helps companies respond faster and deliver with speed, flexibility and precision.

Optimal Response & Execution: Infor Nexus provides rich insights, predictive intelligence of demand, supply & capital

With Infor Nexus, data once trapped in organizational silos is now visible in a single version of the truth. Everyone sees and acts on the same information at the same time. Infor Coleman AI applies machine learning to global flows of demand, supply and capital to provide rich insights and predictive analysis, while enabling users to execute resolutions directly in the network, versus consulting multiple enterprise tools. Shared visibility, actionable insights and digital collaboration aligns users across both the organization and the extended network for profitable execution to meet customer demand. As a result, companies can sense and respond to supply chain issues or opportunities faster and smarter.

Over time, AI improves predictions based on the wealth of data that is captured within the network from all participants, along with user resolutions, and applies this to provide both prescriptive solutions and autonomous response, delivering a self-orchestrating supply chain.

Successful track record and digital foundation

For 20 years, the GT Nexus digital supply chain network has made global trade seamless by connecting companies to all their trading partners and digitizing complex processes for global procurement, logistics and trade finance. Streamlining the movement of goods and funds in a digital network helps provide end-to-end visibility. This has enabled GT Nexus customers to improve overall supply chain performance, including on-time delivery, customer service, and increased velocity, all while significantly reducing costs, lead times and freeing up working capital.

Added Johnson, “Infor Nexus is an integral part of Infor’s vision to enable intelligent, flexible and seamless value-chain orchestration. By creating high-fidelity connections between Infor Nexus and our Infor enterprise applications such as our ERPs, Warehouse Management, Demand Planning, Supply Planning and Distributed Order Management, our enterprise applications have more accurate and timely information about their supply chains and are able to swiftly make and execute decisions across the network.”

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