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Infor Provider Market Insights Now Available for Healthcare Industry

United States – May 11, 2017, 09:00 AM

Infor, a leading provider of beautiful business applications specialized by industry and built for the cloud, today announced a significant addition to its healthcare data and analytics offering with Infor Provider Market Insights. Part of Infor CloudSuite Healthcare, Infor Provider Market Insights modules will deliver access to provider data and market insights that create immediate value by answering business questions that have the greatest impact on growth and development for healthcare organizations. Delivered via a web-based portal, the analytics are designed to provide easy-to-understand results expressed through interactive and self-led visualizations, allow users to quickly see market changes over time, and ultimately evaluate the impact of strategies.

When a hospital decides to build a clinically integrated network of community-based physicians as part of a population health initiative, leaders need insights into the right mix of primary care physicians and specialists, as well as specific information on who they should be partnering with for provider referrals and alignment, patient volume from a market share perspective, and their geographic location. Infor built this data into the core modules of Infor Provider Market Insights - Market Analytics, Provider Module, Access Module, and Referral Module.

Key highlights about these core modules include:

  • Market Analytics - This is a strategic market comparative analytic model that can be developed to combine patient and consumer analytics in context of Provider Access Points, Provider Organizational Structures and Processes of Care. Analytics inform business development, growth strategies, and sales territories and provide details such as competitor insights, hospital alignment, market share, demographics, etc.
  • Provider Module - The Provider Module provides detailed insights into providers in a user-defined market or markets. This module provides benefits for sales teams as well as growth and development. Users can search individual providers and understand providers and their medical specialty, provider procedure code rank, organizations/sites where care is rendered and rank volume of patients, and patient volume by day-of-week and organization.
  • Access Module - The Access Module provides detailed insights at the outpatient office level. This module provides benefits for sales/business development teams as well as recruitment, growth and market development. Users can see detailed information for individual clinics in a defined market including clinic name and address, volume of patient visits, clinic volume trends by payer and patient origin.
  • Referral Module - The Referral Module provides detailed insights into provider referrals to facilities and individual practitioners. This module provides benefits for sales teams as well as recruitment and growth and development. Users can see detailed referral information for individual providers in a defined market including mapped clinic access points and patient volume for each, number of clinic locations by organization and volume of patients by location and trends over time.

Two optional modules include Mergers & Acquisitions and De Novo Insights. Mergers & Acquisitions provides insights into the activity of individual organizations & clinics in a user-defined market to identify prospects for merger and acquisition activities. This module provides benefits for business and growth development teams. De Novo Insights delivers data to help select where to locate facilities/access points, discover leakage and missed opportunities, and a calculator to identify opportunities for growth.

"By adding Infor Provider Market Insights to our comprehensive Healthcare Engagement and Marketing Automation portfolio, hospitals and other healthcare organizations will have greater insights into their markets in order to more effectively engage physicians, patients and their communities," said Mark Weber, senior vice president, Infor Healthcare. "Infor Provider Market Insights gathers qualitative and quantitative data to provide the right analytics in order to inform and guide growth strategies - which is paramount when operating in an industry under much scrutiny and constant change."

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