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Infor Retail and Whole Foods Market: Making Work Better

United States – December 15, 2015, 12:00 PM

"From consumer demand to employee workflows and complex supply chains, the retail industry operates via a complicated array of systems and processes. When one of those areas operates sub-optimally, the bottom line suffers. For many businesses, Retail ERP softwarewhich hasn't seen significant change in more than 20 yearsis a glaring weak point."

The post talks about how national retailer Whole Foods Market, by partnering with Infor, "is collapsing dozens of solutions into one unified platform. The system isn't built for the sole purpose of fulfilling current needs-it's ready to evolve into a retail future that demands iteration, disposability, and modularity to an extent that's simply not achievable with legacy infrastructure."

The post includes a video with developers, designers, and managers of both Whole Foods and Infor talking about making this ambitious Infor Retail platform a reality.

Read the Infor Retail blog post.

Watch the video.

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