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Infor Sales Intelligence for CRM Now Available

United States – November 15, 2016, 09:00 AM

Infor, a leading provider of beautiful business applications specialized by industry and built for the cloud, today announced the availability of Infor Sales Intelligence for CRM. Part of the Infor Customer Experience Management suite of solutions, this tool is designed to help organizations prioritize customers based on purchase likelihood, make targeted, optimized, and justified recommendations and provides the rationale for each recommendation to aid in the opening of a discussion with each customer. Organizations are able to better support the sales team with a tool that leverages data that is already collected, using transaction history and other customer details, which will help build the business, boost sales and build stronger customer relationships.

Infor Sales Intelligence for CRM uses advanced data science algorithms to provide the best results. The system also continues to learn and automatically adjusts its methods when greater gains are identified. Unlike many solutions that are based on blindly adding customers to the sales funnel, Infor Sales Intelligence for CRM allows organizations to focus efforts where they are most needed and differentiate their strategy based on where the customer is on the purchase continuum. Maximizing each relationship, the solution helps to create a more relevant interaction with customers based on their individual needs-increasing satisfaction and building loyalty.

Infor Sales Intelligence for CRM is an easy-to-implement solution that doesn't need heavy integration, and delivers immediate results. Infor's embedded machine learning algorithms auto-tune based on an organizations data characteristics. Commonly available data, such as relevant customer information and transaction data, is provided to Infor so users can start using the solution right out of the box.

"Analytics are continuing to drive business decisions, and organizations need to do more than just collect customer data - they need to put it to work. By analyzing customer preferences, companies are able to allocate resources where they're most cost effective and ultimately grow the business," said Jason Rushforth, GM and Vice President, Infor Customer Experience Suite. "Infor's innovative data science applications are able to unlock the potential of a company's data to improve customer relationships, and can provide the edge an organization needs in a highly competitive market."

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