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Infor Talent Science Helps Organizations Hire Better Executive Leaders

United States – June 25, 2015, 09:00 AM

Infor, the industry cloud company, today announced the availability of the next generation of Infor Talent Science, a cloud-based Predictive Talent AnalyticsTM solution that is part of the Infor Human Capital Management (HCM) suite. Infor Talent Science helps organizations hire the right people for the right positions by leveraging large quantities of behavioral and performance data to create predictive models for selection, retention, and development of talent across the entire employee life cycle. The most recent release of Infor Talent Science offers a new, scientifically robust executive talent analytics solution, Strategic Leadership Insights (SLI), providing behavioral insights into the selection process for senior and executive-level talent.

Recognizing that executive leadership style can have an effect on productivity, turnover, and confidence in an organization, Infor designed SLI to gain insight into the behavioral characteristics necessary for success in strategic management positions, to assist hiring managers to see beyond resumes and references to reveal each candidate's style of leadership. To create SLI, Infor's team of industrial and organizational psychologists identified competencies related to situations and challenges that executives are likely to face, such as communication, mentorship, negotiation, and strategy. Organizations implementing SLI work with Infor to determine which competencies are most critical for its positions and build custom leadership profiles based on the core competencies identified. Candidate responses to the Infor Talent Science assessment are paired against the leadership profiles to provide the organization with a view into the executive candidate's style with respect to each competency, as well as specific behavioral insights into how they are likely to express their styles on the job.

"To successfully establish and execute corporate strategies, organizations need to have the right executives and senior leaders in place to provide the credibility, authority and ingenuity to affect change," said Jill Strange, director, HCM Behavioral Science, Infor. "Infor is continually innovating in the talent science space, finding new ways to take behavioral and performance data to the next level. That is exactly what we've done with Strategic Leadership Insights. Every company and every candidate is unique, and now, organizations have a tool to assess a candidate's particular management style for director, vice president, and C-level leadership positions."

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