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Infor Unveils Revitalized Approach For Business Intelligence

United States – June 08, 2016, 09:00 AM

Infor, a leading provider of beautiful business applications specialized by industry and built for the cloud, today announced Infor M3 Analytics, version 11.0, which delivers business intelligence to improve management information and assist decision-making. Infor M3 Analytics is for M3 users and utilizes the common Infor Business Intelligence (BI) technology stack that creates access to a larger pool of skilled resources to support BI projects as well as delivering new functionality. Infor M3 Analytics provides industry-specific content, tools and services to accelerate business intelligence projects, reducing the cost and risk of implementations and shortening the time to value.

Infor M3 Analytics is designed to unlock value by transforming data into actionable insights, industry-specific metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) that deliver information to better manage a business. By delivering these industry-specific metrics and KPIs out of the box, M3 Analytics allows customers to get up and running quickly.

"We operate in a fast-paced industry that is driven by consumer demand and market forces, which can quickly fluctuate or shift without much notice. We intend to use Infor M3 Analytics to help us identify trends and measure data to anticipate our next move. Infor M3 Analytics will provide tools that are tailored to meet the unique demands of our company and will help us attain an edge through contemporary business intelligence," said John Sheehan, IT Director, Pelican Rouge. "Infor's industry-specific content and tools will help us identify the hidden value within our data to drive better and faster decision-making."

As one of Infor's core enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, Infor M3 has been optimized to help customers benefit from the level of investment in the common Infor BI technology stack. By closely integrating Infor M3 with supporting tools such as Infor Ming.le™, a social business collaboration engine, users are able to provision embedded analytics within Infor M3 functions such as order entry, purchasing, and invoicing to deliver in-context information and support faster decision making. The addition of drill-back capabilities from within Infor M3 Analytics enables users to go directly from information in an Infor BI Dashboard to the relevant function in Infor M3. Technical improvements to the schema and cube designs along with the addition of more analytics functionality and user interface enhancements improve the delivery of information and end user experience. In-memory processing is also utilized to speed up the retrieval and presentation of information.

"Close integration between M3 Analytics and Infor M3 enables in-context business intelligence for customers to achieve better, faster decision-making and drill-back capabilities make it easy to quickly execute changes within Infor M3. This is a unique level of functionality, which provides measurable value that is beyond what competing solutions are currently capable of delivering," said Andrew Dalziel, senior director, Industry & Solution Strategy, Infor. "Infor M3 Analytics provides a tool capable of accelerating business intelligence and shorten the time to value."

This latest delivery of M3 Analytics is a step towards supporting the Infor cloud strategy. Infor M3 Analytics will be available as a single tenant deployment within Infor CloudSuite™ solutions as early as October 2016.

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